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My Fascinate will not turn on! Please help!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by killer13666, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. killer13666

    killer13666 Lurker
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    Last night, I was looking at an article I found on facebook. I was reading the article, and my phone locked up (my phone has a tendency to freeze when I am using any web browser.) So I took out the battery like I do any other time that this happens. I put it back in after two or three seconds. I then turned it on. It is fine until the boot animation starts up. Then it will stay at the boot animation forever. I did not download anything before it happened. The phone is rooted.

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  2. khelin

    khelin Lurker

    This is so weird, about the same time yours did this, mine did it. I have more detail tho

    I was running AOKP version u 4.2 or something.

    My phone didnt freeze, I believe I was in the google Play store, then suddenly my phone turned off...

    Im getting to my custom boot screen and its just stopping, not locked up, just wont continue.

    The reason is because the phone isnt mounting the internal storage. /system /data etc
    I can get into download mode, I can get into CM recovery, my SD card is being mounted. It seems the partitions some how fked up and cant be mounted.

    So what can I do ? I can download stuff onto my SD card from my old phone, and I also have a data cable and Odin and download mode. Help ?

    Cant seem to flash a new custom rom cause the internal storage wont mount

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