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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rcshaan36, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. rcshaan36

    rcshaan36 Lurker
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    Y I can't update my android version ???

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  2. Hadron

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    Assuming the question is "why is there no update available?" rather than "why won't the update install on my phone?", then the short answer is "because the manufacturer (or possibly carrier) has not provided an update".

    The longer answer: updates have to be built for the specific device (true with any mobile device and OS). This means that it is done by the manufacturer, not Google. Over-simplifying a bit, Google provide the source code, the manufacturers adapt it to their devices, add their own features (and remove some they don't want to use), then they push the update out to you. If you bought the phone through a service provider who add their own stuff then the manufacturer provides an update to the service provider, they add their stuff, and then the service provider pushes the update to you.

    Since neither manufacturer nor service provider gets any more money from these updates (except through adding bloatware, which they may be being paid to do or may increase some people's use of their services) but the development, testing and distribution costs them, they need to decide how long to support each device. Too short and people might not buy from them again (depending on expectations), too long and they are wasting more money than they recoup in future sales. So each manufacturer will make their own choices, and if they decide that it's not worth providing more updates for your model, you don't get any more updates (no matter how old the device or how many updates Google have released in the meanwhile).

    Most major Android manufacturers provide 2 years' updates for their flagship devices, usually less (sometimes just less frequent) for lower-end devices. Lower-tier manufacturers tend to provide less (OnePlus are catching a lot of criticism for only providing 1 year for their devices, which will become less acceptable as their prices increase). The real budget manufacturers never even think about providing any updates whatsoever. You have a 2 year old mid-range phone, so I'd be surprised if there were any updates in future. You should have received an update to Marshmallow (android 6), and from a quick web search it looks like Huawei have decided not to provide Nougat (android 7) for that phone. To be honest, one major version update for a mid-range device is fairly typical of the industry (though a few do better).
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