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My first android experience

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by noc, Aug 10, 2010.

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    Hello all, here is my little (and by little, I mean long) introduction of how I am now an android user.

    Previously, I was on t-mobile. I've used a sidekick LX and an unlocked nokia e63. My brother decided to switch our family plan over to AT&T, and he originally placed an order on an iphone4 for me. I'm not going to say I hate the iphone4, but I was really getting bored of the whole iOS interface since I own an ipod touch 2nd gen. I'm also not too thrilled with the way Apple has been marketing their products (so misleading!), so I wanted to stay away from them.

    I honestly would've waited until the holidays to at least see the Dell Thunder; however, I dropped my unlocked nokia e63 down the creek whilst fishing for bass and LOST IT!! Now that I'm stuck on AT&T, I figured my best choice other than an iphone4 was the Samsung Captivate. It took me quite a while to come to terms with settling for a phone that didn't have camera flash, especially since the iphone4's camera is so superb. My biggest gripes in this department is the fact that verizon and sprint's galaxy s phones will have camera flash. Heck, the epic will even have a 5 row physical qwerty (I absolutely loved the keyboard on the sidekick LX)!

    Well, I figured sprint/verizon is out of the question for me anyway, so I should just live on with the captivate. Of all the problems I've had with this phone so far, there seems to be fixes to them. I've applied one of the various (but similar) GPS fixes, and they instantly fixed my problems with geotagging not working. When I installed Advanced Task Killer, I discovered AT&T's bloatware auto starting (along with many other random apps) even after I kill them. I was delighted to find that I could get rid of those things through rooting!

    I'm in no way a tech-geek, but I must say I love to customize my gadgets. I've jailbroken my 2nd gen ipod, and I've spent more time playing with ctf themes on my psp on cfw than actually playing games. I have yet to root my captivate, but I found that there are one-click solutions for this. My first reaction was WTF! Actually, it still is. How the heck did things become so easy?

    Now with all this said, I did contemplate switching to an iphone4. My brother and close friend have one, and that whole deathgrip issue seems to be overblown. I also have a hard time accepting the fact that my captivate doesn't have a camera flash! Also, I was unlucky enough to receive a captivate with some small tiny trapped particle between the amoled and the outer glass layer. It's unnoticeable most of the time, but when it is, it's such an eyesore! The iphone4's camera really outperforms the captivate as well. In fact, I tried recording a few videos on my new phone. One out of 3 times, my video recording just froze and the camera app literally said "Camera failed" !! Sometime later this week, I will be doing a series of more tests to make sure that was just a fluke.

    Even with some of these little quirks with the android OS, I still have faith in the captivate. I heard that samsung is pretty bad with supporting their hardware, but I can't imagine them dropping the game on their Galaxy S line--they're pumping them out to so many carriers! I'm really hoping for the I/O issues to be sorted out asap. Android is a very fun OS, and chances are I will be sticking with it for a while.

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