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Apps My first app: java libs, what to expect?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by 10m4v00, Jun 30, 2013.

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    Jun 30, 2013

    Jun 30, 2013
    Dear all,

    I know some Java from before and am now making an attempt to learn how to make Android apps.

    I made a small Java program that updates some data in google docs making use of some google java libraries for this. The google libraries got a lot of dependencies to all sorts of stuff, a lot of jars it is.

    Then I made a very minimal Android app with the intent of converting my small Java program into something that the Dalvik VM can run and trigger that from a button in my Android app.

    Using the dev environment from Google (Eclipse based) I imported and converted the Java program. It seems to work insofar as that I'm not having any compilation errors when calling my Java code from the small Android app.

    Now, running it doesn't work. I get all sorts of nasty errors indicating that some/many of the dependencies doesn't really seem to work in the converted form. I'm not asking you guys with help sorting that out :) Rather I'm having a more general question:

    What to expect? If I'm to do some serious Android development, am I to think "I'll will be able to use all/most of the Java-libs I would use if doing this as a Java program (except Swing stuff ... etc ... ). or am I rather to think something like "If i need some lib to do X I need to research if someone wrote a lib for this specifically for the Android platform of if someone converted some well know java lib for X to the Android platform successfully or ... I'll need to be prepared to spend some serious time / effort to convert something myself or write functionality for X from scratch"?

    I know my questions is sort of very general and typically something that different developers could well have very different opinions of. All the same, all answers / comments / thoughts / tips on blogs posts / books etc related to this will be highly appreciated!

    Many thanks in advance, kind regards


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