my first post so i can ask a question


and post a link


Hello snsmath. Welcome to Android Forums. I see that you have already found your way about... outstanding. I hope you enjoy your time on these forums and that you can gain from the experience. Thanks for joining the AF community. Have fun....

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Welcome to the forums :)

Hopefully our limits on posting links hasn't bothered you. As a very popular forum on the internet we have to set certain regulations so we don't get spammed out by spambots.

Sorry for this inconvenience. Hope you enjoy your time here!


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Hi there snsmath. :ciao: Thanks for signing up here at Android Forums.

It see that you've posted your question in your phone's sub-forum, so hopefully the folks that know the Wildfire best can help you get your picture issue resolved. Best of luck to you. :thumb:

If there's some other way we can be of assistance, just ask away - we'd be happy to help.

Enjoy the forums, and happy posting! :)

- eyebeam