my first smartphone


What are the good apps for my phone i am using galaxy y... :thinking:By that my phone stay smooth


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Welcome to the forums... thanks for joining!

You might like to check out the Samsung Galaxy Y - Android Forums sub-forum for more info from other users of your device.

Good apps is a very wide ranging question... it depends what you want to do with your phone... do you want to use if as a social media device, to play music/videos, do a lot of web browsing... the list could go on.

Here are a couple of apps that either I have found useful or others have suggested to me:

Barcode Scanner - does what it says on the tin!
Bump - used to transfer files from one phone to another (both phones must have the app on)
Double Twist - music player (and Air Sync - lets you transfer stuff between your pc/mac and also allows PS3/Xbox streaming)
Dropbox - 2Gb of free online storage that can be accessed from your phone - follow my link and get we both get an extra 250Mb -
Lookout Mobile - like secturity for your mobile... it checks permissions of apps and lets you know they're ok, as well as having a few other cool features.
Google+ - 'cos it's great!
MyPhoneExplorer - you need the app and the PC/Mac version... it is a sync app... better than the HTC one that came with my phone
Dolphin Browser HD / Dolphin Browser Mini - Internet browser (better than stock)
Opera Mini - another internet browser (again, better than stock)

Most of the apps I have mentioned are free - there is at least one (Air Sync) that is not.

Hope that has been of some help to you - enjoy the forums!


Hi, I'm new to the world of a superphone, an android, a samsung etc. And i LOVE it! :) Also new to fourms... I've got lots to check out and learn... Wish me luck!