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(My) ...Fix for the freeze/reboot issue!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by benalmighty, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. benalmighty

    benalmighty Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    (The "My" in the title, means it works for me, but it may not work for everyone. I'm aware that not everyone's is the same, I'm just posting the way i fixed mine so that It may help someone else.)
    So today makes 1 month and 2 weeks of my ownership of this Optimus.
    And immediately after I turned it on I began to experience the issue.
    So since then I decided to find a cause. :cool:
    I've tried like everything outlined in my first thread.
    But I think I've finally come to something, thanks to Reppards CM7.
    I'll get right to what I did.
    (remember, back up everything, including contacts, but to your sd and not to the gmail.)

    First of all, Gingerbreak 1.20.
    (From here there are two directions you could go, The other should be farther down.)
    Next, Get a Recovery. You can probably use Joneidy's Custom Recovery, but I used getitnowmarketing's. (read it all.) :p
    Use it to wipe all data, cache, settings and all that jazz.
    (from this you can also add a partition to your sd, but back it up to your computer first)
    Now flash CM7 according to the link up top that addresses this.
    DO NOT FLASH GAPPS! Boom. That's it.

    Somethings in the "GAPPS" whether stock or flashed were causing my reboots.
    Though Youtube, Calaneder, and Gmail. are fine. Just DONT BACKGROUND SYNC. or uploading/saving contacts to your Gmail account.
    I beleive the issue is in the Vendor(market), Partnership, or Talk apps.
    Yes, that means you can't download apps straight or recieve instant emails, but i find it a decent trade-off.
    I'll be troubleshooting all week, so it could be something else.
    Though, using that, I haven't reboot in 3 days (until i added a contact to my gmail account) which is okay.
    To be honest, I'm ocd and I hate having too many apps, so not having market doesn't really affect me.
    Not having market also means i can remove the stock browser. (I use Opera anyways.)

    This is the other way.
    Root, and remove all google apps. srsly.
    But i find using CM7 easier than finding what is needed and what is not.

    Also, If you didn't notice, the phone rebooted (once in more than 3days) without having flashed gapps, showing that the issue is still there.
    Something in gapps seems to act as a catalyst for this "reboot reaction" to occur, though.
    As I said, I'll consider researching, as I have been the ~2 past months.
    If it doesn't work, you could try something in the first link.
    I hope this helps. As it has helped me. :)

    Also, I have updated my prl, it could help you get better sig.
    Here's a link. Some very nice member decided to share this.

    Thanks to all the Members mentioned in this post whether by name, link, or reference, I couldn't have found this without you guys.
    (tbh you all should replace everyone at LG, lol) :D

    Reply If you need any help or have suggestions.
    Again, i hope this works, and have a nice day.

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  2. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    I am glad you are not experiencing reboots anymore however I think it would be best if you emphasized a little more on the (MY) part of the thread because I have never experienced reboots even before I rooted so GAPPS cant be the cause. it would be a shame if people who do deal with the reboots were to stumble across this thread and follow what you did to no avail.

    Again I am glad the issue has been solved for you as I can imagine how frustrating random reboots can be (and I did deal with them when I had the Ascend)
  3. benalmighty

    benalmighty Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    It's an issue that has been plaguing a lot of Optimus M (that shipped with 2.2.1) users.
    If you have one without this issue, consider yourself lucky, but as for myself and others who have tried many "fixes" or tried dealing with Metro, anything can help.
    It's making sense, like it has to be some strange hardware malfunction batch.
    And the reboots seem to be triggered by something that is running.
    If you are unaware of the issue, just google it. A lot of Optimus phones, and not just this line, have the issue. i can't go as far to say that it's all the same cause, but I'm sure they all have a solution. Just needs a few people to help find them, especially if LG and the carriers aren't willing to.

    I'm still troubleshooting this, to make sure I'm positive, or seeing if maybe its something other than specifically the files in "Gapps".

    Also, i know others have reported to fix their phones with the update, changing the sd card, or something else like that. And i'm aware that not everyone's is the same, I'm just posting the way i fixed mine so that It may help someone else. So, yeah, I'll look into editing to emphasize this.

    Have a nice day.
  4. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    I too bought my phone stock 2.2.1, and yes I definitely got lucky with it especially seeing as my cpu is stable well above 800, hopefully the guide above does help others, my only reason for posting is I have read some threads where people seem desperate to stop the rebooting and to single out GAPPS as one of the main causes can be misleading to some people, especially to the MANY who come here and dont read into everything before attempting something like what you have posted above, I commend you for the time you are putting into solving this issue as it is a very big problem and the fact that you are doing it to help others is even more honorable, so dont take my post as being negative or trying to get you to stop the work your doing because that is not it at all. anyways, this can go back and forth a million times lol so ill leave it with a thanks for the OP.

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