My Frickin Battery Just Died


With all the battery issues the ERIS has had I thought I needed to make this post. I have had the ERIS for 5 days now. I had awful battery at first doing very little. The first day it lasted 4 hrs. I am happy to report that I took my phone off charge this AM at 8:00am EST. I had a normal day texting and emailing with a few short phone calls (not a big talker). I listened to 14 songs and played 2 full 90 min movies. At 11:31pm EST my battery just died.

Give it time... the battery life gets better. If I can get 15.5 hrs out of the battery with my use, I am stoked! This just made the best phone out better!


Nice.... 15 hours is a pretty long time for our phones. I've had mine for 3 days now and it seems to be lasting longer than the first day also
Please read the manual on how to use your phone. You left "Mobile Network" and other wireless radios powered on obviously for no reason...turn them off when you're not using them...ALL of them.

Mobile Network (AKA internet connection)

Turn them all off when you are not using them. There is no reason to leave them on draining your battery when not used.

HTC has CLEARLY ststed in the specs that you have about 3.5 hours talk time (aka cellular radio usage).

Also 3 hours of watching movies on any phone will drain a BIG chunk of the battery life.