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my galaxy nexus could not connect to wifi.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cv1324, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. cv1324

    cv1324 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have moved to a new place recently, it has its own wifi network. My galaxy nexus' wifi was working fine in my old place.

    however the first problem i have encountered was wifi in the new place has got a very weak signal which i wont be able to have stable connection in my room(the router is in the living room).

    then i bought a wifi extender to increase the signal, which it worked for my iphone5 but not my galaxy nexus... after i setup the extender the android was able to pick up the signal. however for a day later the wifi bar has just gone grey, and the internet is not working.

    I have googled some answer and tried a lot of methods to solved it, it worked by giving the android a static IP.

    but this is just like never ending, after that a day or so the aneroid has lost signal again, it stuck on acquiring ip address. this time is the worst, I have tried static IP, but it just doesnt work anymore. I tried download an app named wifi fix and makes the phone picking the repeater's channel. and the app returning me an authentication error. also hid my routers ssid so the phone can pick up the repearter, also wont work.

    I am clueless ever since, so far I have tried countless rebooting both the router and the phone, switching to airplane mode and back, try giving the wifi security wpa instead of wpa2, chancing the length of lease. none of these method works for me.

    sounds like the repeater just dont want to talk to my phone. now the router is more or less the same, because even I put my phone close to the router somehow it will disconnect my android randomly.

    router d-link dsl-2680 Current Firmware Version :v1.16t
    isp talktalk (im living in uk)
    galaxy nexus non rooted jelly bean 4.2.2
    wifi repeater tp-link TL-WA850RE

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  2. trophynuts

    trophynuts Extreme Android User

    hmmmm and it connects to the I5 fine? what about any other devices? What channel do you have the WiFi on? Is it on a non overlapping channel?
  3. cv1324

    cv1324 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    only wireless device i have got were 2 phones. iphone just working fine from the beginning, couldnt bother to setup my xbox to test it out.I'd forgot to mention the router was on auto channel mode, and the repeater doesnt supply any sorts of channel manipulating function,you cant even change the enhanced SSID to avoid mis-connection , on the menu it just say you will know its powering up because you will be easily to observed the signal strength gets increases.

    I have tried to reset the repeater for the last time, still dont work. and now my gnex was like totally fed up with the router, even without the repeater operating and i just held my phone above the router, it just wont connect and keep disconnecting by the second it saids connected.

    edit: im sure my neighbours did not overlapping the channel as well......

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