Help My Galaxy Nexus won't turn on. Please help!

Hello guys, I have a problem.

My Galaxy Nexus won't turn on. I had installed CyanogenMod 11 and ClockworkMod Recovery and I gave it to my sister and she gave it me back broken. I think she erased the whole system because it shows the "Google" logo and won't boot into system. But the problem is that now, Odin doesn't recognize it and I cannot install a new system. I installed the Universal Samsung Drivers and Odin still cannot recognize it. I think that USB Debugging is not enabled as well.
I also tried with the Galaxy Nexus Toolkit program but it says "USB Debugging not enabled".
How can I install a new system?
Please give me a solution, I love this phone and I don't want to throw it away.

Thank you very much.

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Welcome to our AndroidForums, androidfanatik.

Who is your GNex's carrier? (I'd like to move your thread to the proper all-things-root area for you) to get you the most appropriate help.

I've not used Odin before, only fastboot, but being a Nexus device, you should have recovery options unless you're actually having a hardware issue.