My Galaxy S3 connects to 4G?


Okay, I just upgraded from the HTC EVO V 4G to the Galaxy S3.
At times my S3 phone says I am connected to 4G, yet the coverage maps for Virginmobile and Sprint both show the nearest 4G LTE coverage (to me) is over 100 miles away. Are the coverage maps outdated? What is going on here? Is it connecting to Wi-max 4G? I didn't think the S3 was capable of wi-max 4G as well as LTE 4G.

Any ideas would be helpful. And no I haven't attempted any type of speed tests or other connection checks when it shows I'm on 4G. Any suggestions as to how I can verify type (4G Wi-Max or 4G LTE) or speed of connection?



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I do not have a 4G LTE phone, but I am following Sprint's (Virgin Mobile) 4G LTE coverage for any future Virgin Mobile phone purchase.

My understanding is that Sprint is rolling out 4G LTE way ahead of schedule and is not updating their coverage map to reflect it. Try this link and select the Coverage Maps tab to search your area. Note that you have to select Sprint 4G service, not Wimax.

Coverage Maps | Sensorly

The map for my area shows 4G LTE service near me, though it does not show on Sprint's map or announced cities list. Please post if it is indeed showing coverage for your area.


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Wow, yeah Sensorly is showing a ton of Sprint 4G LTE (not WiMax) coverage in my city. Salem, Oregon I just downloaded the app so I can contribute also. It seems to be accurate to what I'm experiencing. Because at my house, I don't have 4G (which agrees with the Sensorly coverage map. But at work I have great 4G coverage. Maybe they don't want announce they have coverage in an area until it's over 90% in that city or something. Who knows. Thanks for the assistance.

That's good to know, I just assumed and had settled for only having 3g service with my new S3, but actually having the 4G LTE is like an unexpected bonus.


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4g lte has moee coverage. . I've noticed that it has better coveeage than wimax. So yeah the s3. Has better coverage. Had mines for almost 3 weeks now