Oct 29, 2012
Hey all, i've had the S3 since July/Aug. No problems with it till yesterday.. it was working fine in the morning, pulled it outta my pocket couple hours later it was dead, wont turn on, got home left it on charge for over 6 hours, nothing.. plugged it into my pc and it doesnt pick it up, ive been into town today cause i hoped i would just need a new battery but a new battery didnt work either, ive tried to reset it using the volume + home + power buttons it just doesnt do anything, i know i'm probably goin to have to send it off to samsung but i was just wondering what you guys think could be the problem cause if its a cheap fix i'll pay it saves me having no phone for weeks, thanks in advance scott
Faulty motherboard. Cheap or not send it off. Paying someone else voids warranty

Ahhh right didnt know that, thanks.

Will they replace it or fix the one i have? are samsung usually quick or slow dealing with issues like this?