My game apps have gone missing

Michael Meyer

Mar 1, 2021
I have a problem which developed over the weekend. I will watch You Tube on my phone after I retire for the evening. When I awakened Sunday morning the folder on my home screen which contains about 10 game apps was gone. The apps still show that they are installed, but they do not show up anywhere except on an app list.

This morning the icon which consist of a gray square with nine dots and which I am able to go to to see what apps are installed (and where I can locate Google Play Store) was also missing.

Prior to losing access to Google Play Store when I would try to reinstall the missing apps I was informed the apps were already installed.

I really do not know what I did or how to fix it. I would appreciate any help.
yeah it put a lot of my games in the Game Launcher app, i have to go into it to view and play the games.