My game Rune Sword - Action Platformer



Pixel Panic is a beginner 2-person studio that designs games for mobile platforms. We create in free time, between family life and work.

We recently completed our first project that we would like to introduce to you:

Rune Sword
is a retro Pixel Art action platformer.

Run, jump and discover a world full of platform challenges, secrets and treasures. Face many types of enemies and bosses. Change your weapons and appearance, discover magical runes that enhance your character.

Characteristics :

- Old school pixel graphics

- 3 worlds with multiple levels

- Bosses

- Swords with different stats

- Various hero skins

- Hero buffing runes

- Lots of hidden areas on each level

- Many different enemies with a variety of AI

- Lots of traps

- And many more

The game is available in the Play Store:

We are very interested in your opinion, so: download, play, rate