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my gt540 dies after sometime when i leave my phone on 3G network..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by happy990, May 17, 2011.

  1. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My phone becomes dead ( phone dont wake up with any key press and not able to recieve and dial call and messages) when i leave my phone to 3G network, if any app is running phone remain normal:), if not its dead after some time and eats battery and on 2G connection it is perfect.
    here i explain what i have done with my phone,
    i have upgraded my phone from 1.6 to 2.1 from lg care many times, done hard reset and i made external partition EXT2 on sdcard and rooted by myself, app to sdcard is working correctly.
    i dont know whats wrong with this.:mad:

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  2. mayooresan

    mayooresan Well-Known Member

    your question is not clear. Are you saying that your phone battery goes down when you leave it with 3G??

    Well, 3G eats the battery more and you'll end up finishing up your battery within a day if you leave it on 3G. Thats why you need to click 2G only option to save battery life time.
  3. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    no, it doesnt drain out whole battery.
    when it is dead after then i have to take out battery and reinsert it , battery level goes down only by 10 to 15% only, i want to say if i keep running an app then my phone is ok at 3G but when i dont i goes dead after sometime, even if battery is full. when it is dead there is no other way to turn it on except reinserting the battery, please read the previous post carefully, i keep battery full.
  4. mayooresan

    mayooresan Well-Known Member

    Its very peculiar behaviour of your phone :thinking:. I can't think of a reason. How long does it lasts when its on 3G?? I was on 1.6 later 2.1 now 2.3.3 never had such problem.

    is there any malware running on your phone doing this nasty stuff??.

    Why dont you unroot your phone, then factory reset then try again.
  5. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    You said 2.3.3 does it mean android 2.3, i wanna upgrade my phone too,
    I have lg gt540 swift, can i upgrade it, have got any problem, or bug in it, tell me the way if it is safe, please tell me, i have limited RAM and internal memory capacity,:thinking:
    now forget abt my 3G problem. upgrade is more important to me. will my phone run faster than my android2.1
    tell me the way how?:D
  6. mayooresan

    mayooresan Well-Known Member

    Sure you can do it :) Even I upgraded it to 2.3.3. Yep phone is very faster compare to 2.1 as you can install apps on SD card :)

    Here is the link, read and follow the instructions carefully. Good luck ! :)

    some screen shots from 2.3.3
  7. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have lg gt540 swift not optimus, optimus have much more inbuilt memory than swift. this is the difference i only know abt this, if these are same so why same handset have two name?
  8. mayooresan

    mayooresan Well-Known Member

    Ohh datz sad. probably you should post this question in appropriate forum ppl here talk about LG OPTIMUS GT540. Letz see whether any one else can help you out.
  9. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok i m waiting.
  10. Nirob

    Nirob Android Enthusiast

    There's no difference... GT540 is known as Swift, Optimus & Loop...
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  11. mayooresan

    mayooresan Well-Known Member

    awesome news for happy990 you can carry on with the upgrade then :cool:
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  12. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I successfully updated my phone Thanx...........
    Its awesome OS.
  13. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok after upgradation i became very happy.
    i cant find my sim card contact and messages, where would i find them?
    whats the function of Autokiller memory optimiser and how to ignore apps in it?
    what these apps do named autostarts, swapper2, terminal emulator?
    how to install more themes in theme chooser?
    how to use internet calling in call setting, tablet tweaks?

    i want my phone more faster than it is.
    do overclocking work for this, i found an option in phone that shows
    minimum CPU frequency 350Mhz
    maximum CPU frequency 600Mhz
    by changing these value will it work,
    and i also want to block apps to access internet,

    sorry for so many questions, please reply step by step........
    and another thing, i need the keyboard as phone type that was default in Android 2.1 can i do this?

    is there any extra feature and apps to make my phone different?
    any suggessions?
  14. Nirob

    Nirob Android Enthusiast

    If they doesn't show up, trying Importing from SD (Go to Contacts>Press Menu buttone>Import/Export>Import from SIM Card)...

    I think it's better to uninstall Autokiller Memory Optimiser, Task killers are harmful in many ways...

    With Auto-Starts, you can you can select which apps will start during startup & block apps from starting at Startup... It's for advanced users & stopping critical apps from starting at startup can cause malfunctions.

    Swap is like "Virtual Memory" or Page File (Windows) in PCs, Uses a part of the SD card as RAM, You can enable it via that app (Instructions in the last section, "Swapping", of the CyanogenMod 7 thread) Well, It won't work as "RAM", will just give a slight push...

    Terminal Emulator lets you execute commands in your phone

    Check out this thread of "Theme Chooser" themes: Themes Working On LG GT540 CM7 - xda-developers

    Don't know about Internet calling, Tablet tweaks are in Settings>CyanogenMod Settings>Tablet Tweaks

    Set Min CPU Frequency to 245Mhz & Max CPU frequency upto 845Mhz... DON'T set more than 845Mhz, It's safe to go upto 806Mhz... You're phone will be faster but it'll get hot & battery will drain fast

    Go to Settings>Wireless & networks>Mobile Networks & Untick "Data Enabled" when you don't wish to use internet...

    Phone type keyboard here & Android 2.1 keyboard here

    You can try Barcode Scanner, Google Sky Maps, Google Goggles, Metal Detector, SoundHound, Swype(You have to signup in their website), Wireless Tether... Try browsing the Market, there are more cool apps there...
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  15. dano_mbg

    dano_mbg Newbie

    Hey Nirob
    Could you please give some details on how to install lg ime 2.3 that is in the link you posted?
  16. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I upgraded my phone and it just work amazing:D:D, but there are some apps that are not working:thinking::mad::thinking: like

    multi mount sdcard


    saved messages in SIM card, i cant find them,

    phone doesn't wake up when plugged and unplugged charging

    LG IME (Phone type keyboard as in android 2.1) is force closing everytime

    applanet is force closing while searching sometime,

    all call recorder sometime works and sometimes not(It worked very fine in 2.1)

    in cyanogenmod settings>systems>update notification force closes every time,anonymous statistics is also force closing,
    can you explain the performance in cyanogenmod settings,
    can i add more lockscreen styles,

    i wish to change black colour status bar to my favorite colour, is it possible,

    Where can i get flash player for Cyanogenmod 7,

    Are these bugs,
    But still this OS is great but with these little problems
  17. Nirob

    Nirob Android Enthusiast

    Download it from dudeman1996's post & install it via any file manager

    you have to install this one via Recovery (Install zip from SD)

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  18. Nirob

    Nirob Android Enthusiast

    Multi Mount SDCard won't work in this ROM

    Uninstall QQPlayer & re-install from the Market

    Open "Messages">Press Menu>Settings>Manage SIM Card Messages.. Your messages should be there...

    It doesn't for us too

    Did you flash it via Recovery?

    No idea, I don't use it, Try reinstalling

    no idea

    As ours isn't "Official CyanogenMod" these options doesn't work

    CyanogenMod Settings - CyanogenMod Wiki

    You have to edit framework-res.apk in system as far as I know

    Either you have to find a modded SystemUI.apk or edit it yourself...

    We have ARMv6 processor, Flash won't work
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  19. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter


    Ok i installed lg IME successfully,thanx 4 this :)

    but can i want link to all preinstalled app of android 1.6 and 2.1 coz i need camera ,dictionary and some other apps, can u plz give me link.......
    I don't like the camera of this because it gets hang up after 2 or 3 snaps, then i have to kill it.....
    and NO DICTIONARY, i need android 2.1 dictionary, i like that one.....

    i m facing some kind of problem like
    My phone shows battery full when i leave it for some minutes but as i plug out the status goes down very fast, so i have to plug it for hours even it is showing battery full........
    and other is that
    Phone wake up 2 times by pressing end key once,
    is there any way to set any app to this key......
  20. Nirob

    Nirob Android Enthusiast

    I have no idea about stock apps... About the battery issue: Use the latest version of CM7, M5... Huge improvement in battery...
  21. happy990

    happy990 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Can you give me link of CM7 M5....

    i m just saying that i need some factory app of 1.6 and 2.1,
    there is way to do it , only just backup the app if u have the previous version and upload it somewherd and give me the link.
    i m so upset i need those app very urgently, plz do it.
  22. Nirob

    Nirob Android Enthusiast

    M6 released :D Download from here
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