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My hands on time with the O-Black

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Karuk, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Karuk

    Karuk Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I spent 20 minutes at the LG booth playing with this phone and it is build to please. UI is pleasant. Weight in hand is good if not a little light. Build quality is good.

    I had fun with the wireless streaming video feature. Being able to stream a movie from the phone to your tv or from a NAS to the phone is pretty sweet. No glitches or issues to report with streaming when I used it.

    If this lands on verizon and isn't bing'd out I would consider this in the top 3 phones on verizon.

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  2. zafonic

    zafonic Android Enthusiast

    Is the screen as it good as it looks??
  3. Andood

    Andood Lurker

    This screen is amasing. It really shows the difference in quality when you launch the google homepage. The whites are so much brighter on this display when you compare to Optimus 2x, Samsung Galaxy S (which was terrible!) and IPhone. From what I hear this will be on an extreamely affordable plan also.
  4. Nighthaven

    Nighthaven Lurker

    my optimus black still use froyo version. any info when will the update happened?
  5. surib4u

    surib4u Lurker

    What is the price of this phone? Which place are you from?
  6. lespaul

    lespaul Newbie

    rumors said OTA 2.3.3 update will arrive on this June/July.

    around $420 in Indonesia.
  7. pihx

    pihx Lurker

    I've had one for 2 weeks now and i love it. This is my first Android phone so i don't have much to compare to, but for me it does everything i want it to. It's been really stable. My old Nokia N79 used to crash and get sluggish every now and then and just reboot on it's, so having rock stable phone is a nice change.

    The screen is fantastic. It's so bright you really don't need to have the brightness cranked up all the time and it's crisp. My co-worker has an Iphone 4 and his is slightly more crisp cause the dpi, but the comor and contrast of the LG is better IMO.

    It's also very light and great to handle.
  8. rokis

    rokis Lurker

    What about multi-touch? Does it have all multi-touch functions? For example to rotate the image etc...

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