Dec 11, 2009
Hi guys, I've been using these forums for a while and finally decided yo post. I forgot where but i saw someone post their 3g speed bashing ATT. They were so ecstatic that their hero reaches like 205kbps, while in their area ATT was much slower for them. So i decided to give it a shot on my hero and I just wanna say........I got thats freaking fast it must depend on where u live. I'm In philadelphia
Awesome..idk why people give sprint so much they have speeds just as good as Verizon with better data plans.
It'll depend becuz wen I was at my girls house in north philly I got about 500-600kbps I live in germantown tho...but head over to the site
Got 1029 kbps on Orange in the UK. Pretty good, but I thought HSPDA was meant to be quicker than that?

Never believe the "headline speeds" advertised. No account is made for "real life" i.e. packet overheads, retransmissions, reroutings and general interference from other radio sources.