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Support My HTC Panache WON'T HTC Sync with my XP

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yorgo67, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Here's a challenging situation for some super techie, or even some up and coming android/HTC whiz.

    First, the background story. I bought my HTC Panache Aug 5/11. Great phone. But, the battery kept draining, even when I limited system applications. Then I went back to the store that sold it to me, and, I had it replaced. So far so good, right? Read on...

    I managed to get it working great, wearing down the battery (called conditioning) as advised before. Then, I got it to connect with my HP XP Media Center Edition laptop, running the service pack 3. That's not the problem. So, Friday, HTC Sync worked great, I uploaded music and contacts and so forth. No problem, right? Read on...

    Saturday, my Panache is still working great. Laptop is charging the phone no problems and and my HTC Sync is doing what its supposed to: syncing. So everything is ok, right? Read on....

    Sunday, the 'return' period for this phone passes and the syncing feature also continues to work without ANY problems. All good, right? Read on...

    Monday morning comes along and I wake up, and my Panache fully charged from the night before. I decide that I want to 'sync' my Panache to my HP Laptop, you know, the XP SP3 Media Center Edition. Then the problem strikes. I click on my desktop icon for HTC Sync, attach the USB cable to the phone and proceed to 'synchronize' phone to laptop. My laptop did its usual beeping to indicate the phone is recognized, etc., etc. Then the HTC Sync panel which tells me that the phone is connected to sync promptly blinks as though its engaged, then disappears from view. I tried manually syncing the system tray icon to the phone. Then the phone asks me if I want to sync and of course the 'Connect to PC' option list shows the possible ways to syncing the phone to PC pop up and I press the HTC sync option and then press the button at the bottom of the page. IT tries to 'synchronize' in the black screen but then it craps out. And again, the sync panel from the HTC Sync program craps out.

    I've tried uninstalling this downloaded software program, more than 5 times. Each time it craps out telling that htc.exe is experiencing difficulties, and that I should contact Microsoft by sending an error report, which I have done...several times I might add. The htc.exe program installed was setup_3.0.5551.exe.

    I then decided to call HTC. I called the American HTC tech support line. I spent plenty of time with a tech rep but nothing came of it.

    Today, Tuesday Aug 23/11, I spent the better part of 5 hours speaking with a tech rep from Mobilicity. This guy was awesome, but, my problem is STILL unresolved. We dove deep into my HP laptop's inner workings. I rebooted several times. No resolution. I even uninstalled setup_3.0.5551.exe, and in its place installed setup_3.0.5557.exe. Again fruitless. We exhausted every possible solution available to my dilemma. No solution. The only suggestion this tech rep made was to try a different laptop. I am awaiting the download to take place on this now Vista system laptop.

    So, after having read this rather long and drawn out story, is there anyone out there that can recommend a solution, fix, update, etc., etc. for my situation?

    Respond to this post. I am curious to see what you tekkies come up with as a solution to this situation. Personally, I don't know if a solution exists unless some from HTC gets involved.




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