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My Huawei ascend 2 screen wont go past the huawei white Screen

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Alexialf, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. Alexialf

    Alexialf Lurker
    Thread Starter

    for the past few days my phone has been shutting down apps such as twitter and Facebook. So i often times took the battery out and waited a min only to restart it... It even shut down my text message screen. But On this morning i was having the same problem so i decided to take the battery out like normal only to restart it a min later... this time the Huawei white screen came on and followed by the Cricket screen but this time it stayed on the cricket screen. it kept playing the whole Green glowing cricket screen -___- and its been doing it for two hours nothing has changed. I haven't Dropped it and it has no water damage. What could i do to fix it.

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  2. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Android Enthusiast

    Two things that should help you:

    1. Post this in the Ascend II forums, as this forum is for the original Ascend.

    2. Check this thread:


    This is a guide to flash your phone back to out-of-the-box stock. If your phone is stuck in a boot loop and you haven't done anything such as rooting or installing a custom ROM, this should fix it. Fair warning, this will completely wipe your phone, meaning any apps, contacts, etc that are on it now will be erased. Hopefully you've synced your contacts through your Gmail account, which means you can easily download them back to your phone.

    If you don't want to flash back to stock, try the "I'm sick of this" method: Shut the phone off, leave the battery out for a while (such as overnight), then put the battery back in first thing in the morning and power it up again. It may not work, but sometimes it will fire up as if nothing happened. I've had it happen more than once with my computers, and it's worth a shot if you're trying to avoid a complete wipe.
  3. emmysilva4

    emmysilva4 Lurker

    :mad:i need help my phone wont go past the huawei and try ed restarting it and nothing
  4. chiptam

    chiptam Lurker

    ok guys please help on this same problem,other taking the battery out overnight is there anything else i can do?i woke this morning to the white screen of death haven't done anything else to phone,other than this,i tried rooting,got stuck in the green loop of death used cricket restore to factory settings, done.came out of meeting yesterday morning and turned phone on again and there it was again green screen of death.once again used cricket to restore factory settings all was good untill this morning when i awoke to white screen of death!ok my phone is not recognized as usb will not charge this way and there's no way i can download anything to my sd card so that's out,i been reading all morning trying to see what anyone else has done with this problem and the only thing i see is taking battery out over night,any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated!:(

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