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My impressions..

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by solidkevin, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. solidkevin

    solidkevin Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Build Quality is surperb! Just fantastic and feels like you are holding a quality device, feels expensive. Does not, I repeat, does NOT feel big, actually compared it to my 3gs and its not even that much bigger, 3gs is fatter.

    Screen is great! The brightness is really high, the colors are great, the blacks are black (actually comparable to amoled imo) and its awesome to have that 4.3' screen space!

    HSPA+ here in new york is actually really fast and I definitely notice the difference, hopefully it gets even faster!

    Camera is great, indoors it takes decent pictures and dual led flash is strong! Outside is where it truly shines though, pictures and videos taken outside are just fantastic!

    OS is great as well, no slowdowns, some bloatware here and there but so far everything has been super fast and responsive, HTC sense is hands down the best, call me crazy but I like it just as good as stock.

    Speakerphone like people have said is not the strongest but it not horrible and you get used to it.

    Music playback is great! Could be louder (im very picky about my music) but its really good, if you are a music nut, download poweramp, trust me worth it completely.

    As far as battery life, I took off widgets and and took off auto sync, when I leave I turn off wifi and turn the brightness down, so far it seems fine but too early to judge.

    If youre thinking of buying, stop thinking, go get it, for me it has everything I want and need, it is a superbly made phone and you wont regret it.


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  2. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Android Enthusiast

    As an EVO owner I have been playing with the Inspire all morning my co-worker just bought... I am completely impressed. I love this phone already.

  3. Nice come on make the move lol
  4. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    Yea I've played with my co-workers Inspire as well and its slick, very nice. Tho, I still love my Evo
  5. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    Andrea, you have Inspired so many people including my self to get this phone that I think HTC themselves should hire you to a sales rep/public relations position.

    I absolutely love my new Inspire sitting next to me. :D
  6. solidkevin

    solidkevin Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Oh and get a case, it is kinda slippery because of the aluminum, same happened to me with the Nexus One, lol

  7. I'm glad you love your phone. :) if you have any connections put a word in. Lol I would leave the restaraunt tom
  8. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    I'm afraid I do not have any sort of connections with HTC, but its worth a shot looking into a job with them if they are looking.

  9. Ya know I might just do that what do I have to loose
  10. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    Exactly. :D
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  11. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Android Enthusiast

    Won't happen. Been with Sprint 10 years and will be hear a long time.

  12. Ah sorry to hear that lol jk
  13. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Android Enthusiast

    Your really starting to sound simlar to me and my sarcasm.
  14. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    Look at it this way Andrea, they are a fellow HTC lover like us all here. :D

  15. Oh I know I'm.just messing around lol
  16. SaleenFiend

    SaleenFiend Android Enthusiast

    That's right. I've been on the bandwagon since my HTC Touch Diamond < Sprint HTC Hero < HTC EVO and now I get to share the joys of an Inspire through my co-worker. (We work side by side all day)

    Although, I did experience some fun with a Samsung Rant and Instinct, I'm not going Samsung for Android.

  17. I had an old school HTC tilt and then the Sprint hero and for a week the aria
  18. MassacrMan

    MassacrMan Android Enthusiast

    I made the mistake of jumping to the Samsung Captivate last July when I knew that better phones would be out early 2011, I just wanted a new phone so bad I just compromised and grabbed the Captivate.

    I loved it, at first, but the issues soon started coming up and I couldn't take it with that phone any longer. I went a bought an HTC Inspire 4G from my nearest AT&T store and donated my Captivate to the military.

    From now on I vow to only buy HTC Android products.

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