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General My Incredible review (mainly compared to Droid)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rushmore, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 13, 2008
    Here is my initial review of the Incredible :)
    1. Efficient design and light and small enough for an extended battery to not be a problem.
    2. Speed of UI and app opening is very fast.
    3. Radio reception seems no better or worse than Moto Droid. This is a good thing.
    4. Call quality is great.
    5. 3.5mm sound quality is slightly better sounding and louder than Droid. Droid was good.
    6. Speaker seems about the same as Droid (good).
    7. Third party apps not being able to access the 6.6gb is really annoying, so I hope it can be corrected by app devs or a global fix by HTC. Best Buy did not have the “free” 2gb card (not that I would use it anyways).
    8. FM radio has decent reception (about the same as the N900)
    9. Touch pad works “okay” for game emulators, but still not near as playable as using Droid’s keyboard.
    10. Battery- not long enough to know if good or bad.
    11. Flash is the big selling point and I have perspective using Flash Lite 3.1 on the Archos 5 using Opera, and full Flash 9.4 on the N900 using a the fennec browser it has.
    a. Virtually no game sites work, but they do work with Flash Lite 3.1 on the Archos. Most games will not even load up on the Inc.
    b. Dailymotion does not work (says stream failure), but IGN and CBS.com vids worked.
    c. A big problem though is that unlike Youtube, videos only work in the browser and you cannot launch them full-screen. This is a BIG problem, since the files are small unless you zoom them up, but they are zooming based on the small amount of native pixels the file has on the embedded web page. Best way to describe this is a digital zoom of a picture (but worse). If the full screen option worked, you would get the videos in their native resolution (as long as less than 800X480). This must be a browser problem, since Flash Lite 3.1 on the Archos 5 has no problem launching files in full screen. N900 of course has no problem with running any content, since full Flash.

    In summary, as long as you do not love the game emulators or expect Flash media to work great, you will LOVE the Incredible. The Flash issue will be fixed sometime this summer, with 2.2 and Flash 10.1 (full version).

    I give the Incredible a 9 out of 10 :) A version with a keyboard would get a Spinal Tap 11!!!! :eek:


    Oops! Missed #12: Camera is faster than Droid and pictures seemed slightly better quality. Did not try the flash. Camera and video tweak options are much better than Droid.


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  2. sylent101

    sylent101 Well-Known Member

    Dec 23, 2009
    When i went to best buy to check out the incredible it was actually pretty small smaller than i expected maybe my droid just looks big cuz i have a case on it.. well im still buying an incredible next week bb wouldnt let me purchse at full retail "its only for preorders and new customers " blah

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