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My Issues with Froyo - Please help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by luvevo, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. luvevo

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    First of all, I am new to android; just switched from VZW and bb. I got my Evo a month ago.

    Now, background of my Evo first. Had problems with my visual voicemail being sent to a non-existent number which happened to be a part of my IMSI #. Sprint store did a factory reset ant it seemed to work. I had a problem with sprint nav and the sprint tech support got me to do a factory reset by dialing "##786#, and after that my visual voicemail had the same problem. So, they told me to do another factory reset. It did not work yet, and a couple of days later another factor reset, and some other adjustment by the rep over the phone, and the vvm issue got fixed. But, I noticed that my browser was going slow.

    So finally, got the Froyo yesterday evening. was ecstatic. Update went smooth. And, I was playing with the new features overnight.

    This morning I began noticing a few issues, some of which have been mentioned before:

    1. Advanced task killer is not really working. It can't kill the Music app, and even after a fresh kill, it still shows that pretty much everything is running. So, i uninstalled the ATK and am now using App manager to force close the apps I dont want running.

    2. Internet browser opens with the last page visited instead of the home page. So, now I use app manager to force close it at the end of using the browser.

    3. Flash 10.1: tried the Top 10 Best Flash Websites of 2010 to see what froyo did. So, tried hbo...says "hbo.com isn ow a flash site. your device does not support Flash. Please choose from one of the following options...." Tried other flash sites on that list...some worked, some like "Get the glass" worked upto a point, could not "play" though...

    4. Also, I see people mentioning "Downloads" section inside the Market..Mine does not have it..I think it was replaced by the "Sprint" tab there with previous updates. My market has "Apps, Games and Sprint" only.

    Please advise what to do. Should I do a reset by "dialing ##786#" or pressing the "Factory Data reset" under Personal Data uder SD & Phone storage in Settings? or are they both the same?

    Look forward to some kind guidance. I am tired of spending more than 8 hours on the phone with the sprint tech support...
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    May our Evo/Froyo work like it is supposed to.

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