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My love for this phone is dying as fast as the battery

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sw33ndawg, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. sw33ndawg

    sw33ndawg Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter


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  2. c1rclez

    c1rclez Newbie

    Agreed. I'm disappointed with the battery life as well as slightly buggy software.. Coming from an iPhone 4, I suppose my hopes may just be too high for android.
  3. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Havent noticed any bugs but i am having to modify my habits a bit around the battery life (taking the charger with me to work and charging for the last hour im at work before leaving)..
  4. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Tips for battery conservation:
    There are different features such as watching YouTube, listening to music, programs running in the background, using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
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  5. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Installed it..it doesnt do anything i cant do manually from the "tool box" home screen i created. I prefer to do it manuall rather than have some idiot program chew up EVEN more battery life doing something i can do myself with the press of a few widgets. -uninstalled.
  6. JSchu22

    JSchu22 Android Enthusiast

  7. KenG10

    KenG10 Well-Known Member

    Lowering the screen brightness really helped my battery life. I've got it set to 15%
  8. Chapp1e

    Chapp1e Android Enthusiast

    You can toggle background data usage. Turn that off + lower brightness (mine is at 33%) and you should see a big improvement.

    I'd also consider changing sync settings.
  9. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Ok final result today was 9 hours 3 minutes to 2% battery life and 70% of that was screen.

    I am guessing once i stop playing with it so much ill get between 10 and 11 hours off of a charge. (or go blind)
  10. blazeplacid

    blazeplacid Well-Known Member

    honestly, if you have regrets use your iphone

    If you think this phone is bad try a captivate.

    This is probably one of the better android phones at&t has

    Id much rather have so-so battery life, rather than a boring iphone
  11. c1rclez

    c1rclez Newbie

    I really love android, and I've had a captivate. It was awful. My problem is this phone software is just not smooth. I know I'm just being picky, but that's one of my issues. My other problem is how my device will get stuck in a certain orientation, requiring a reboot to fix it. I don't want to go back to my iPhone either--it is very boring. I think I'm just going to exchange this for a Motorola Atrix.
  12. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    Honeslty the issues you are talking about are isolated to you and a few others. I dont know of anyone else having lag or orientation issues.

    Try this help guide..it has a few things like soft and hard reboots and some settings to check that should solve your issue.

    It is normal for the device to pause when opening programs. It may also pause when sending a text message (SMS), making or receiving a phone call, or browsing the Internet.
    Good to Know’s:
  13. Very good point about the issue isolation and also good post :)
  14. stancrazy

    stancrazy Well-Known Member

    I cant in good conscious take credit for any of these..i am pulling from the HTC stickies..about to post a thread on it.
  15. Oh I know but at least your trying to solve the problem and not just give up
  16. bmolloy

    bmolloy Lurker

    This is my third android device now and I would say it's battery fairs about as well as I expected it to. It lasts exactly the same amount of time as my Nexus one with the same amount of use.

    Note to any iPhone 4 users... This phone's battery does not last as long as an iPhone. When I switched to android a few years ago I was shocked at how fast I could burn through a battery, then I spent about 10 bucks on Amazon and picked up a few more chargers. I have two at home, one at work and one in the car. I plug in my phone whenever I stop moving for more than a few minutes and I always have a phone that is fully charged. I have found this to be a much better solution than turning off the "smart" functions of the smart pone. I leave everything on all the time unless I am taking off on a bike for a few hours and wont need wifi or blue tooth.

    Modifying your behavior a little bit (by plugging the phone in more than necessary for an iPhone) will save a lot of low battery frustration, at least it did for me.
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