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My Maps Editor by Google: Useful for basic map creation, but needs work.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iOverpriced, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. iOverpriced

    iOverpriced Guest
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    Google's My Maps Editor is a handy tool for quickly marking locations with text and photo, but doesn't come close to the user friendliness of its desktop counterpart.

    My Maps Editor has access to all your stored maps from Google Maps. Saving a map you've just made from the phone will instantly make it accessible from your PC. From the settings menu, you can view items on the current map, zoom to your location, access the add menu, see the sharing status (public or unlisted), see a list of your other maps, and toggle between map and satellite mode.

    Tapping the plus button in the lower left gives you the option to mark your location, add a photo, address, marker, line, or shape.


    Mark my Location adds the familiar pin, and allows you to tap to add a description. By default, the editor notes the date and time you added the marker. Included in the edit screen, is the option to add a picture. This lets you add pictures from your Picasa album, one stored on the phone, or take a picture live with the phone's camera. Choosing this brings you to the standard camera interface and upon taking a shot, gives you the option to retake it, cancel, or "ok" the picture to be added to the map.


    I had a number of times where taking a picture live has led to crashes with this method. Adding via Picasa or the phone's memory worked as expected.

    Add a Photo It should be noted that choosing add a photo from the plus menu alone, will only let you take a picture live, and not add an existing photo. For some reason, this method did not cause any of the crashes I experienced when adding a photo to an already marked location.

    Add an Address simply lets you specify an address other than the one you're at. All of the previously mentioned features are included.

    Add a Marker does what you'd expect. The only difference is that the marker is "floating" once added. You have to tap and drag to position it where you want.

    Add a Line allows you to tap the screen where you want to add a point, to draw a line as long as you want. Unfortunately, it does not measure the line, or give you the option to draw lines along roads. These are the only two uses I've had for lines when using the browser, making this feature fairly useless for me.

    Add a Shape lets you... draw a shape! Tapping adds points, and you can keep tapping away until you've drawn the silhouette of a bunny rabbit over Florida, or whatever other shape you'd find useful. When you're finished, you have the same description editing options available, including attaching a picture.

    One thing I haven't mentioned thus far, is the move option. With the photo, mark location, line, shape, and address markers, you're given the option to move their location, but it simply doesn't work. No matter what I've tried, tapping and dragging as it suggests will only move the map. I've attempted this on another Droid as well, with the same result. It's a shame because if you make a mistake, you have to start from scratch. The only way to manually position a pin, is to use Add a Marker.


    The final thing I'd like to mention, is the font. For some reason, several of the menus have extremely small fonts. Both the add and map selection menu can be very hard to read, and even harder to select. They may not look that small in the picture below, but keep in mind each line is about half the width of the pull down menu at the top. On a 3.7" screen, it's barely useable. For someone who doesn't have the best vision to begin with, this makes areas of the app very hard to navigate.


    My Maps Editor by Google
    -Full access to users maps across mobile and PC platforms
    -Ability to create geo-tagged picture maps
    -Basic features of browser based Google Maps

    -Frequent crashes in some photo adding modes
    -Inconsistent font sizes
    -Moving existing markers seems to be disabled


  2. FahdR

    FahdR Active Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    Hi Maybe you can help me i added a few locations on my phone but they are not showing up online or in the nav. app. but do show up when i open mymaps editors.
    Any ideas on what might be causing this???

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