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My Micromax A110 not detecting in computer

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 4, 2014.

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    Hello all 1st off wishing u all happy new year 2014

    Friends my issue is that i am not able to connect my mobile to computer its not detecting in computer when i connect it keeps charging like how it charges when it is plugged into current to charge. i am not able to transfer anything from my mobile to computer when i want to do so i need to remove the card from mobile and use it through card reader to transfer from computer, i have checked on other computer too but same problem. charging port is working good becoz recently got it fixed with new one from micromax service center for Rs900, after that i am not able to connect to the computer to transfer its not detecting when i went back to service center those guys started telling that motherboard is gone u got change it and it costs around 7000-8000 RS so i was totally shocked bcoz my mobile is working totally fine no other issue other than its not detecting in computer but in service center those guys are telling i need change the motherboard right now i am not in stage to spend that much amount also so guess here i am requesting u all to kindly help me out in fixing my problem i am very much interested in to upgrade my mobile to the Roms which are present in xda forum but to do that my mobile should detect in computer 1st so please kindly help me frds

    Data Cable is fine no issue with it

    Thanks and regards


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