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My Motorola Droid 1 won't turn on

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by billywhite, Aug 16, 2010.

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    I tried to Root my Droid with this Rooting Guide, BUT this guide is for Droid running 2.1, and mine is 2.2.

    After doing Step 5, my phone became ******ed. It said something about The System not responding and it even gave me an option to force close...

    After a while it shut off and now when I turn it on, it gets stuck at the Motorola Logo Screen (the first screen shown when the Droid boots) and it stays there forever.

    Holding X on the keypad and booting the phone does absolutely nothing.

  2. billywhite

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    I just realized you can't see step 5 if you aren't registered to that website, so here it is:

    Complete Droid Rooting Guide

    Ready to root your Motorola Droid!!
    Most of you should be on 2.1 by now so the easiest way to root your phone is to downgrade back to 2.0.1 to get root access and then flash a custom 2.1 rom
    OK. Lets get started

    First you will need SpRecovery_ESE81.sbf file which you can get right here - DOWNLOAD

    Next you will need the proper drivers installed. Download and install the appropriate drivers for your Windows platform
    32-bit Motorola USB Drivers - DOWNLOAD
    64-bit Motorola USB Drivers - DOWNLOAD

    Now you need to download and install a copy of RSD-lite - DOWNLOAD

    1. Connect your phone to USB and turn it off then while your phone is booting hold up on the DPAD.
    2. Run RSD Lite 4.6 as Administrator (For all you Vista and 7 folks out there. If you are using XP you may not need to run as Administrator)
    3. Click the ... next to the filename box and browse to where you saved the .sbf file and double click the .sbf file.
    4. Hit start and below it should give you completion progress and all of that.
    5. Once your phone is done being flashed (It may take a while so don't unplug it) it will reboot and you will be ready to flash a custom Rom.
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