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My new Droid-thoughts and impressions

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by docprego, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. docprego

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    Oct 18, 2009

    Oct 18, 2009
    Just got mine tonight and I am thoroughly impressed with it. Some thoughts:

    -The keyboard took a bit of getting used to but within a few hours I was already much more comfortable. Plus I think the keys have a nice click feedback when pressed. I was expecting awful and I would say it's actually good, not great like the Touch Pro 2 but plenty good. Besides the on screen keyboard is awesome! So basically the Droid gives you a choice of physical or virtual keyboard at all times.

    -The screen is amazing!

    -The speaker is so loud and clear. I haven't heard any distortion and that's a first for me on a mobile device.

    -Screen responsiveness is excellent. I am not really feeling any lag when switching home screens.

    -The phone is much slimmer and overall more compact than I had envisioned. It fits very nicely in the hand and I find the angular nature of it attractive.

    -I love the "Droid" audio notification when a text arrives!

    -The keyboard has a very satisfying click, especially when opening it.

    -Android 2.0 seems very polished to me compared to my last Android experience which was 1.5 on a MyTouch 3G.

    -YouTube videos look incredible when played back in high quality mode. At first I though they were very weak, that is until I discovered this. In case you didn't know you can do this, here's how; press the menu key while a video is playing and then select more. In the next menu click "watch in high quality".

    And now just about my only complaint and it really isn't about the phone itself:

    -The screen protectors that Verizon is selling in a 3 pack for $12.99 are the worst POS I have ever seen. They don't fit well (that's being generous) and they stop above the capacitive keys (back, menu, home, search). If the screen is capacitive and the buttons are too, why stop the protector above the buttons? It makes for a very ugly installation and it just makes no sense at all. I'll be replacing it as soon as a quality protector is available. At least for now the screen is protected.


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