My New Huawei Ascend

Well HellO everyOne!

Iam so happy to of found this site! I came across it by accident so becuz of that i feel extra lucky! I just bought a new Huawei Ascend and for the most part Iam happy and the rest of the 80% Iam not happy with it.. I wanted so badly to love this phone but it has so many things with it that it either doesnt have or has earrors on the phone. For excample picture taking is terrible.. It has no extras for it, like picture frames,etc .. also when looking at the picture in the Gallery it only allows you to look at it for 5 seconds at one given time. i don't like that. Also with the txting.. when you want to resend a text.. You can't. well if you can I haven't figured it out how to do that and Ive pretty much have opened up everything on this phone in settings and anywhere else i can think of.. The list can go on.. Iam keeping this phone tho bc I want to give it more of trying to make things work out. I guess if it takes me to download things in order to have what i need to make my phone work like it should, well then so be it.. I'll give it a try!

Judy Van Natta