My new Inspire only shows 1 gb internal storage


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I thought these phones were supposed to have 4 gbs internal???


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I think the att information is incorrect, mine was at 1.09 as soon as I walked out the att store and got in the car, I checked it.


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I think that there is 4 GB internal, but your only going to see about 1 GB of it. The other 3 GB are HTC and at&t stuff/bloatware.


BTW, if you haven't noticed, it is the same way on my phone.
I was curious about this also, but like people said I figured the rest was already being used in the phone, probably going to be getting a 32gb sd soon...


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The internal storage is 4 GB. Sense is really large, and together with the Android OS and the AT&T bloat they take up about 3 GB, leaving about 1 GB free space.


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Make sure you get app2sd . I'm doing dine with like 3 gb of apps saved straight to the SD

This apps2sd can save apps straight to the sd card witgout going to the phone first? And if it does do you haft to be rooted? I have a problem with my apps need for speed shift won't fit on my phone but it will on my sd card thanks for any info


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I rooted mine yesterday and deleted some bloat and Im only showing .92 gb. I noticed all my apps and contacts saved from stock. Maybe there is a hidden partition to save the stock rom, apps, and settings.