May 13, 2010
The good news is a got my shiny new Nexus One last week. After a long debate I settled on the Nexus One because it works with my existing carrier (Cincinnati Bell Wireless) and I got a 200 minute/unlimited text/unlimited data plan for $35 a month. The bad news is I got a lemon. It reboots at least 2-3 times per day at random. I've called support and they agree it's a hardware issue with the phone. At this point my options are:

1. Send the phone in for repair. They said turn around time is about a week and a half. I still have my old flip phone and since I didn't switch carriers I could move the sim card over and use that until it gets back. My concern though is if they can really find the problem and fix it and what that will entail.

2. Get a replacement phone. They'll ship me out a 'refurbished' phone, then I send my defective one back to them. The upside is I won't have to switch back to my old phone at all, but I'm still getting a refurbished phone.

3. Send my current phone back for a refund and just buy a new one from Google. Since I'm inside the 14-day return window, this option is available to me. The upside is I get a shiny new phone, hopefully a defect free one this time. The downside is I have to pay $45 restocking fee. $45 isn't that big of a deal to me, it's more the principal of it that bothers me.

4. Say FU to google, send my current phone back for a refund and buy something else, i.e. the Incredible or EVO. I like the Nexus One but I'm sure I'll these just as much. I'll also save $329 on the initial purchase but my monthly bill will jump from $35 to $79 or $89. This means if I keep the phone longer than ten months (which I probably will), this will end up costing me more in the long run.

Any thoughts?