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My New Nexus One Leather Case

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fujitsupalm, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. fujitsupalm

    fujitsupalm Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Didn't one was to release a leather version at this early stage.

    So this is the first one I came across that is not with flimsy low quality leather.

    Previously purchased from PDair before, so i have no problem to purchase one to protect my device:

    PDair Leather Case for HTC Google Nexus One - Flip Type (Black) by PDair - PDair.com

    Will later provide the actual product shots when I can try and free up half hour or so.

    It's a pretty nice case i would say.


  2. pdragon

    pdragon Android Enthusiast

    I got the horizontal version (opens like a book) of that case for my phone. I waited a while til I found exactly what I wanted for a case and it was pretty much it. Adds a bit of bulk to the phone, but I wear baggy clothes anyway. Definitely like their cases.
  3. fujitsupalm

    fujitsupalm Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I mean it adds a little bit of bulk, and also, I through my phones in my notebook bag, so protection is actually top priority for me, plus the looks.. lol... nothing will be accepted if there were no good looking factors involved.
  4. *rizzo

    *rizzo Newbie

  5. extreo

    extreo Newbie

    My PDAir flip case arrived.

    1. Nice things were that price included international delivery.
    2. The leather quality is good and so is the stitching.
    3. The cutouts all fit. A nice touch was the notch on the top left corner of the screen border for pulling down notifications. Initially I thought this was blocked off by the top screen border.

    4. I presume the cutout hole on the top right corner of the screen border is for the proximity sensor. The proximity sensor still works anyhow.
    5. I had a Piel Frama case for my Palm Treo 650 and the main improvement I would have liked was the Piel Frama style clasp for the lid using mega strong magnets but the magnet clasp with the plug still works well but requires more effort to align plug to hole. nit picking minute detail.
    6. Overall I think it will do the job of protecting the Nexus phone from accidental damage e.g should I drop it.
  6. mi_canuck

    mi_canuck Android Expert

  7. extreo

    extreo Newbie

    Piel Frama now has a leather case. I liked my Treo case by them.


    Does anyone have one?

    My main fear about using this case is that i can't easily swipe down the Notifications menu in the top left hand corner of the screen because it is covered by the leather border. Is this fear founded?

    In any case, got to wait for the price to come down significantly.

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