Dec 25, 2013
Off late I am noticing my nexus 7 will stop charging when its plugged in and I am running some app on it. Instead of charging, the battery level is decreasing. This is weird and quite annoying. I have the 16 gig version running android 4.4.2. Also I have tried another charger, same problem. Some help here is really appreciated. Thanks. :)
Are you using the original charger and USB cable that came with the N7?

The usual cause of N7 charging problems is either a non-original charger or a faulty/substandard USB cable reducing the available charge current to below that required to power the device and charge the battery at the same time.
I am using the same charger that came with my nexus 7 and this problem happens only if I am doing something on the tablet like playing a game, reading, watching a movie. However if I leave it idle, it would charge normally.
My Nexus 7 is connected to one of the USB ports on my MacBook Pro and I'm using a good cable. I'm listening to music via Bluetooth headphones and if the screen is on, it does not charge at all. If I turn the screen off, it charges at about 1% per half-hour. This is in the office.

When I'm at home and not using it, I normally leave it in the Asus Dock using the original power brick and cable and it charges normally though I usually don't pay attention to how fast it's charging as I usually leave it there overnight and it's fully charged in the morning.

I think that my MacBook Pro USB port is around 0.5 Amps so it's not surprising that it doesn't make any progress on charging when I'm using the Nexus 7. I'm a bit surprised that yours doesn't make any progress with the 2.0 Amp charger though. I'll leave the screen on while it's in the dock tonight and see what kind of progress it makes. It is possible that there's a charging issue when it's running.

I have the Asus Dock and Charger in my Amazon cart - I'm thinking of buying a combination for the office so that I can charge it while it's in use. It's not technically necessary as the battery will last all day but I generally don't like running my devices below 50%. The dock is a nice holder too at a nice viewing angle.
I found that Google+ is using 17% of my battery so I disabled it. I don't use Google+ - I may have installed it or maybe it came with KitKat. I've seen other complaints on battery life with Google+. Keeping the music player running seems to use up a modest amount of battery ~7%. I should install a CPU monitor to see what's running - there may be other unpleasant surprises.
My Nexus 7 is in the dock and it's charging steadily while it's on displaying my home page. From 67% to 75% in 30 minutes which seems fine to me.
I found a random Micro-USB charger at home that I brought into the office and it seems to be able to at least keep the Nexus 7 charged while playing a movie. I haven't tried charging with it yet but I will this week. I don't know what the output of the charger is nor do I remember what the charger was for but it works.