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Support my pal EVO is having weird wifi/3g issues...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bosworth99, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. bosworth99

    bosworth99 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Alright - greetings forum. Got an evo issue I would love some help with:

    I've had, nay, *loved* my EVO since mid-August (6 months). Great device, no problems whatsoever. I use it for everything... until:

    Last week I started having a very weird issue with connectivity. Sort of.

    Say I'm connected to my home wifi network (which serves a number of other devices without problem). I can get onto the internets fine, but when I'm on a web page, the little url bar drops down every 10 seconds or so, but does nothing. The phone kind of freezes when this happens. So then, say I have a text input open, the same thing will happen, but I will get bumped out of the input, as if the "back" button had been hit (which it certainly did not). This is also repeatable if I turn wifi off and am just on 3g (or 4g - but its not yet in my area, so i wouldn't know).

    So theres that.

    Then, if I happen to be playing a game, lets say "Jet Car Stunts" (which is awesome), the same thing will happen (phone freezes for a second), but the "pause" button gets triggered, and I am bumped into the pause screen, obviously, rendering most games unplayable. This seems to be pretty repeatable over a number of games. I thought it was openFeint, but I uninstalled it, but the unwanted pausing continues.

    So then, at least as far as games are concerned, if I enable Airplane mode, the unwanted pausing stops altogether.

    Clearly the network adapter is choking on something.

    Going though the Adroid System Info (App) system log, I can't be sure if anything in particular is causing problems. The only things that look reasonably suspicious is:

    02-11 10:13:38.647 D/WifiService(103)
    WifiLock{NetworkLocationProvider type=2 binder=android.os.Binder@4630ab08}

    02-11 10:13:38.667 D/WifiService(103)
    enable and start wifi due to updateWifiState

    "02-11 10:19:19.785 E/Tethering(103)
    attempting to remove unknown iface(usb0)
    otherwise, it looks like a lot of garbage collector calls and other standard system stuff...

    I've run through antivirus scans, coming up clean, and removed other network-centric apps, like dropbox. I have not made any changes to system settings that I can think of, so its odd that this behavior would just randomly start after months of happy mobile devicing.

    I can't, for the life of me, figure out what is going on, and I can't seem to find anyone with this particular issue on the interwebs...

    So, I come to you guys. (And not, sprint, apparently...)

    Thanks in advance


  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    Bunches of questions

    Do you leave wifi on all the time? Even when you are not using wifi?

    Try this first...go to wifi settings and turn off the "notify me" selection. That is a good place to start.

    In your attempts to fix this have you tried a clean start? Factory reset....adding back apps once at a time ensuring they are not the issue.


    You could take it in for a hardware test.
  3. bosworth99

    bosworth99 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I do leave wifi on, normally, unless I think to turn it off. 'Notify me' is currently activated.

    As far as a factory reset, I assume, should I do that, my phone goes back to nill and I need to set it up again with all my info for it to function, and then add apps / media etc... seems like a nuclear option, but if it will work, might be a good plan.

    This phone continues to be buggy, and its getting really annoying. I can either have smooth running apps, or be connected to a network, but apparently not both. Which is somewhat self-defeating for a device like this...

    I really hope its nothing in the hardware... but I suppose the sprint store might be able to assist. I do have hardware insurance (that I've yet to use)...

    Thanks for the help.
  4. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    start with that wifi setting. try turning it off when not in use, and definitely turn off the notify me option.

    I have seen my phone at times randomly try and connect to wifi access points when I am not in range of my usual points....and each time it disconnects me from 3g

    on the wifi side...when at home I pick up all of the neighbors access points...the notify me thing kept trying to suggest and connect to those killing my wifi connection.

    it's a place to start. only after trying that would I do a factory reset...and yes...you will have to start from scratch :(
  5. bosworth99

    bosworth99 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Will definitely check out the 'notify me' fix. I definitely do have several neighbors with wireless.

    Is the factory reset essentially like a format and reinstall of the os? Computers obviously benefit from that once in a while... I've definitely noticed my evo has slowed as its gained remnants of crap over the last six months...

    thanks for the help, its much appreciated.
  6. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    yes..it wipes all user data and is a start from scratch. if you decide to go that route you can access it from two places..the phones settings menu and the hboot menu by holding down volume button when powering on the phone.
  7. bosworth99

    bosworth99 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Alrighty - got around to doing a factory reset today. All told - took a couple hours to get the phone prepped, reset, and resituated. Seems to have worked out - - - so thats good. Still don't know what the issue was - but i seem to be back up to speed.

    FYI - prior to factory reset:
    contacts synced via google accounts.
    pulled sd card, so no changes.
    took note of important account info and the like.
    reinstalled only apps that i was using.

    System seems more responsive and uncluttered, as one would hope. Will be watching it closely over the next few to make sure this issue doesn't return (seems to have not been a hardware issue, which i was kinda spooked about).

    Thanks for the help Mr Ed ;)

    btw: what is your feeling on "system info" / "app killer" apps or antivirus apps. I have reinstalled a couple, as having some control of whats running seems kind of important... but I wonder if it causes more problems than not. And as far as antivirus goes - my isn't Android built on linux, which is somewhat "immune" to attack?
  8. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    I have run with advanced task killer since release until just recently. I notice a minimal benefit from having them. Battery seems uneffected but my phone has no bloatware. The key is the settings.

    I also found it useful when ending programs with no end or exit function..like mix zing and internet. Those should stop if you back all the way out but at times.did not.

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