My password to a website isnt working from my Galaxy

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I entered a username and password to enter a website for work that I use from my PC all the time. When i enter the data it says Error: Invalid Username/Password. The explanation i get then is "The page you are trying to view contains data that has already been submitted (POSTDATA). If you resend the data, any action the form on the page carried out(such as a search or online purchase) will be repeated."

I tried deleting the bookmark and then going into it fresh but it doesnt seem to work. I had changed the password so i went back to the original but still nothing. Help!!!!!


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May be cache-related ..?

Try clearing your cache - in Chrome it's something like Menu .. History then hit the CLEAR HISTORY DATA button at the bottom of the screen. You then get a list of things to clear including passwords and form data - I'd probably try clearing everything.

If that doesn't work, maybe try clearing the cache and deleting data in Settings .. Apps .. All .. Chrome (or whatever browser you're using).


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Hmmm ..

OK, how about uninstalling then re-installing the browser ..?

I guess before you do that, you could try deleting updates, re-starting the phone then re-installing the updates when your Play Store finds them again - but given that the issue appears to be data-related and the upgrade process will do everything it can to hang on to data, I doubt that's going to work.

If all else fails and you have everything possible backed up, a factory reset ought to do it. But I'd definitely class that as the last resort.