My phone crashed and it wont turn on!

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I have an Alcatel one touch idol s, about 6 months old. I rooted it by mistake about 3/4 months ago, but havent had an issue with it ever. I mainly use it to watch youtube, and I do so having it charging which I now know is bad. I was doing this when it just suddenly turned off. As in, the screen went black. I tried changing the charger, I tried putting it in recovery mode, nothing. Literally no charging light was on, it didnt do any vibrations or anything. By the way, if you didnt know the Idol s is thin, meaning the battery is inaccessible. Please help! I never had a warranty on it, even before it was rooted. I have never done anything root related with the phone either. I was just watching a video, with it charging with a charger i rarely use and it just went black, 100% off! Help!


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Here's a support page for the ALCATEL ONE TOUCH IDOL S:

ALCATEL ONETOUCH - Products - Support - IDOL S

Scroll down to pg 120 in the user manual PDF for troubleshooting & warranty information.

Depending on place/country of purchase,you may still be covered by the mfgs warranty.

Here's the USA support page:


However,if you're from somewhere else,the support page should be readily available via support link at the top of the page.