My phone doesn't let me donwload paid apps!

When I download free apps it works just fine. But when I get paid apps, i get an e-mail thanking me for the purchase, but when I try to download, all i get is "authorizing purchase", it never downloads. I bought Shazam but it never downloaded, it's been a week now, and I went to places where I got 4G, I tried the Wi-fi, but nothing worked. I thought it was Shazam, so I bought a different, app like Shazam called SoundHound, but it still does the same problem. Is this a problem with my phone? should I go back to sprint and ask them about it? what's the best solution for this?


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Are you using an actual account or an email thats run through gmail but has a different domain name?

I use an alternate domain name email hosted by gmail and although that account works for everything else on the phone, you HAVE to have an actual account for the app purchasing to work.


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I have a gmail account and a yahoo account installed in the mail section in my phone. But all the e-mails i get from the transactions are sent to my gmail account, and when I go to google checkout i see my order there.