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my phone dont seem to recognize my sim

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hamijo, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. hamijo

    hamijo Lurker
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    Hello, the story goes like that, I just got a new android phone huawei 8110 and i decided to root the phone and install a custom rom for curiosity, i followed this and did the backup just fine, but when the moment of truth comes i install the rom and it changes the yoigo screen at the start and now shows a t-mobile screen, i managed to adb-restore my phone settings but the yoigo screen does not show, it keeps showing me the T-Mobile logo and doesnt ask for my pin code, so i get no phone use, i can connect to wifi and run the phone, but no coverage, so its useless :(
    I also try downloading from huawei the software for Yoigo's u8110 but im unable to get it right, i did this the hard way (putting off the phone and pressing the red button and volume up and then the power button) and throught the menus on the phone, and i get the same results, a message that says upload failed...
    and this log
    **** SD download log ****
    Failure: AMSS

  2. rogerology

    rogerology Lurker

    I own a Huawei U8110 provided by Yoigo, so I assume this is the same model as yours. Is it possible to make an image of my phone's software and send it to you?
  3. hamijo

    hamijo Lurker
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    Maybe that works we can try.

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