Help my phone has a mind of its own? i think?

I'm having a really bizarre problem with my Droid Pro. Whenever I'm in the middle of a phone call, the phone suddenly starts doing things on its own: opening random apps, opening random menus, disconnecting the call, or putting me on mute and then refusing to be unmuted no matter how many times I press the unmute button. The most common (and most annoying) thing that it does, though, is interrupting the call that I'm on to place another call to a random person from my contacts list. This usually happens in combination with the mute thing, so now I'm having conversations with two people, neither of whom can hear me.

Obviously this is making my phone completely unusable as a phone. It works great for apps and texting and all that; it only ever does this during calls. At first I just figured I was hitting the screen with my face or something, but this has only started happening in the last week or so and I've had the phone for months. Also, I don't think that would explain a lot of the things that it does. Is this a really easy fix that I'm going to feel stupid for not figuring out? Or do I need to face the fact that my phone is terminal and get a new one? That would be sad.

I know this is weird, any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!
It is possible that the sensor that detects whenever the phone is next to your head is broken, and your ear is doing all the weird stuff.

You can try holding the phone so that the touchscreen doesn't come in contact with any part of your head.