Help My phone is messing up in many ways.


I have a ZTE R88OH. I haven't had any problems with the 2 years I've had it. But in the past few weeks it's been acting up...

1. A lot of the times when it powers off, and I try to power it back on it gets stuck on the turning on screen.
2. Every time I go on an app, it says "Unfortunately _____ has stopped working."
3. It will randomly reboot itself.

I've tried everything from, doing the wipe cache partition, the app reset, factory reset, everything online. But nothing has worked. It still has been doing the things I mentioned above. Is there any other way I can fix it? Or is it time to get a new phone? I don't know what caused this to start happening. Please help!

Thank you.


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For some reason, 2 years seems to be the "retirement date" for many phones. Almost every phone I've owned started acting up at about the 2-year mark. If you've already tried a factory reset and setting it up new all over again, you may want to consider a newer device with an up-to-date OS. My 2¢ :)