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Support My phone is the worst

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jasefl, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. jasefl

    jasefl New Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 5, 2010
    I have the HTC HERO phone and I can honestly say it is the absolute worse phone I have ever owned or attempted to use in my life. I would not give this phone to my most hated enemy for it would be too harsh a punishment.
    The HTC HERO, android and Google is the absolute worse ever. I will never ever under any conditions have any thing to do with these companies for having such a terrible product. I have even stopped using GOOGLE as my search. As soon as my contract is up with Sprint I will happily back my car tires over this phone and smile.
    First, the phone has no battery life, but I can deal with that
    Second, you cannot delete any text threads, instead you must delete each and every text one single one at a time. Even when you try this there is a long delay before it will delete.
    Many times the phone just freezes and I must shut it off and take out the battery, then it takes at least 5-8 mins before I am back to the home screen so I can make a phone call.
    Try to use the google web page ---forget about it---so SLOW, I can get out the old fashion yellow pages and get the information faster.
    Everything this phone does is in super slow motion.
    The spell check has words incorrectly spelled.
    Often it dials the wrong number.
    Try to delete a previous voice mail takes at least 40 seconds, evferything is slow.
    send a text to someone----takes at least 25 seconds to complete.

    This phone is trying to compete with IPHONE, not a chance-----please please listen to my advice.

    My HTC google hero makes me want to but postage stamps.


  2. Welcome to Android Forums. Thank you for your opinions and report on your HTC Hero.

    I've moved your post out of the News area and into the Hero support area for you.
  3. jasefl

    jasefl New Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 5, 2010
    I do not feel the HTC android Google HERO phone was tested adeuately enough before being given to the public. It is a very time consuming device and does everything with long long delays.
    Anything, I mean anything you ask it to do there is a long long delay before it actually operates.

    When I power my phone on I know it will take at least 8 mins before I can use the phone so I turn it on and leave--go away and come back because it is very very frustrating on every level.

    Why when I try to delete a text----it simply freezes----I cannot NOT delete any texts threads unless I open each and every one, one at a time-delete them-wait 4-5mins for it to delete, then open the next single text, delete it, wait 4-5 mins...etc......I have spoken to another person who has this exact phone and they tell me they go to the Sprint store and have them delete them---but it deletes EVERYTHING on the phone-----this is a software problem.

    Why is there such a huge delay whenever touching ANYTHING on the touch screen. It is sooo long that I usually think it is NOT working so I press it again and then it does TWO tasks instead of the original one---so FRUSTRATING.

    I am going to call Sprint and beg them to take this phone back and give me my original BLACKBERRY

    If I have to continue to use this Android HTC Google HERO I will no doubt look for the highest bridge to jump off.

    This phone drives me crazy and I detest it.

  4. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42

    Dec 1, 2009
    You ought to try 'delete old messages' from the market. I hear that often succeeds in deleting texts when the normal sms app fails.

    It really does sound like you need to do a factory reset; your phone shouldn't be acting like that. Also, have you ever updated the firmware on the phone?
  5. jasefl

    jasefl New Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 5, 2010
    If I could find the inventor or programmer of the HTC HERO, I would love to send him this phone and force him to use this as his source of communication for just 3 months.

    He will see pigs fly and hell freeze over and be wearing a white jacket by the end.
  6. Sorry to hear all the horror stories youve had with your phone,
  7. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    You can also try another phone. I had a HTC hero and didn't find it to be that bad.
  8. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    Nov 28, 2009

    I loved it up until a month before my upgrade. :)
  9. Kevets

    Kevets Member

    Oct 10, 2010
    I have three of them and none are a problem. I'd say it was the way you're holding it.

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