My phone keeps announcing the time at random intervals

Before anyone says anything: Yes, my Talkback is off, and I have disabled many of the voice features, yet I can't find anything that makes this bug stop.

So, around a few days ago, my phone started to randomly announce the time. I've seen many other posts from users with the same problem as me, yet I haven't been getting any "ghost touches" or having my device "go crazy," and to be extra safe with this I have downloaded a VPN and scanned my phone and files multiple times, yet I've found nothing.

There are two things that I suspect that might have caused this. One is that I got a new pair of headphones, yet they do not have a button to answer calls like my old ones. I have no idea how something so simple could cause this, but it strangely happened after I got them. The other reason I suspect is that I downloaded Google Duo and a Workout app, which did use voice. I have since deleted both apps and I have no idea if it helped, but I haven't heard my phone announce the time at night, and I haven't heard it announce the time since yesterday. While many people with this problem don't get an answer, I really do want one. What can I do to check any tasks that might be running, any way to disable every voice option, any answer to my problem. I have considered a factory reset, and getting a new phone entirely, but I really don't wanna be wiping my data since I don't know how to properly back it up, and I don't wanna be wasting money on a new phone. Please give me clear answers to my problem, it will be very appreciated.

Other info:

Phone: Galaxy J7 V
The announcing voice that I have heard: Sort of a British voice, but I think it sounded more American. I can't tell since I already erased my files with audio and such.
Root: I don't know.


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So, you deleted the apps, and it has stopped?
So far I haven't heard the voice, but my phone is off during a large part of the day since I try to not use it so much, so I haven't been on my phone long enough to really make sure. If I don't hear the voice for at least longer than two days, then maybe it should be fixed.


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I have never had a phone that even has this 'feature'.

I know how annoying it is, because I don't even like clocks that do that.

I would think that a third party app has been installed, or some app that includes this annoying 'feature'.

Check the apps that you have installed onto the device.


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Do you have Waze installed?

You mention a British sounding voice, and that is the only app that I have had that allows different type voices.
I don't know if it has the 'feature' or not.