Aug 11, 2019
My phone model is: LGL53BL. But always says invalid sim card. I can't register on my country career? I'm from Ethiopia. My country career is: Ethio Telecom.
It's hard to determine if this is a problem with your phone or with that SIM card. Can you temporarily swap SIM cards with a friend or neighbor who has an equivalent, working SIM as a test?

-- If their SIM card is at least detected by your phone, that could indicate a problem with your SIM card. Contact your carrier and have them send you a replacement. If their SIM card isn't detected by your phone however, perhaps the SIM card slot in your phone needs to be look at and serviced.

-- Also conversely, if your SIM card is detected by their phone, that would confirm there could be a problem with your phone, Or if your SIM card is not detected by their phone, that would also confirm the problem is probably the SIM card.
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