Root my phone wont boot up

My backlight is on but my screen won't show boot logo or anything, can't go into recovery mode nor emergency mode


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did you do anything or flash anything in particular before this happened? did you try holding power for 10 seconds then try to reboot? did you try taking out the battery then put it back in and reboot?

bug a thon

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I had flashed the iPhone ROM therefore I couldn't go into recovery so I tried to install 2init again and my phone shut off, my screen won't show but the backlight says my phone is on but I think my phone is bricked


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This happening to many people. Especially when the battery goes dead.
Unplugging and plugging the charger has eventually fixed it. Maybe 5 times maybe 25
I recomend unplugging from the wall and not the phone. This will reduce wear on the charger port.
I recomend never letting the battery will help eliminate this ugly glitch and supposedly lengthen the life of the battery.


This happened to me when my phone died on paranoid android. As long as your on a custom rom you can boot into recovery by turning the phone on and alternating between both volume buttons. Unplug the phone and plug it back in wait a minute and hold power until the phone vibrates and you see the lg logo then alternate volume buttons and flash a stock rom like collab and it will charge with the battery indicator while off, be careful and don't unplug during the flash. the phone wont power on unless all three hw key lights are on so if the home light isn't on then unplug and plug back in and press power.