Help My phone won't charge!!

I have an LG Optimus V with Virgin Mobile. I plugged it in to charge while I went to sleep like always. I won't up around 7 a.m. to the sound of my phone restarting. Looked at my phone and the battery was almost completely dead. And yet, the little icon indicating it was hooked up to the charger (had the little lightening bolt) but the little animation of the battery filling up wasn't happening. My phone won't charge. I tried taking out my battery and restarting but it didn't work. What should I do?


Sigh ,I've been out of my optimus for a week and a half now due to this issue. A replacement battery come today, when I took it out of the mailer it was charged to 70% so I could at least use my optimus again.
I plugged it in to the wall and found out it won't charge, won't even acknowledge that it's plugged in with the lightning bolt icon.


Do you have any other charger to try? I know this comparison seems unlikely.. but

My sister had a Kyocera Loft.. who she thought had messed up the charger "entrance" on the phone.. since it wouldn't recognize her charger, she used my charger (same phone) and it started charging again.

I've never had an optimus but im only suggesting if its possible to try a new charger.


Yep, tried two different chargers. With both, it won't charge unless i hold the connector at the phone side, in some specific way. Definitely a borked charging port, ima see if I can get a new phone out of VMU.
i got a rooted lg optimus V. and recently got a 16 gb Micro sd card. soon afterward it refused to charge. and would continually go through the virgin mobile splash screen every 15 secs.... forever... sometimes when i changed usb chargers with wall chargers it would work... but only to like 60 %... then a few days later... to 40 % and then to about 20%..... and now it will barely get to the home screen .... so i took the Micro SD card out and while my phone was on i did a factory reset... just to eliminate the possibility of a virus... but now no matter what i do... it barely gets to the homescreen for 30 secs and then stops charging and shuts off.... without me touching it... i tried jiggling the mini usb in the charging port and no matter at what angle i put pressure... no lightning charging symbol. i guess i must of dropped it or something... it never get wet... the same chargers work great for my wifes droid 3. even though they have a slightly different voltage output......( by .01) ((odd i know)) and they have a 100ma difference in output... but idk what to do... maybe i should just call LG and get a new one... but the problem about that is that i bought this "like new" from Ebay.... still in the package... had no problems for over 2 months... Please Help


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Sounds like the battery to me. You can get a battery for it off ebay for a little over $5 with free shipping. It would be money well spent as you bought it used therefore no warranty from VM.

PS: This is a charging issue, not a ROM or rooting issue so I think it was posted correctly. ;)


If you are the original owner of the phone....
Virgin WILL send you a battery for free (ask for the replacement department when you call) and if the problem is still happening then they will send you another phone as long as it's within a year of purchase (no receipt required). Its actually pretty easy.

Since my replacement phone, I never have any problems with my phone getting really hot, turning on or off randomly, or battery dead in a few hours....and now I have my brightness up, volume up, GPS on, wi-fi and all that stuff.

good luck:)


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I had a charging issue with my first V within 2 weeks of buying it. I took it back to Best Buy for a replacement (one of the few pluses of buying in a store rather than online) and this one I have now has been working flawlessly for almost 3 months now. I think there's a lot of variation with the manufacturing of these phones, so it's a bit of a crap shoot.
When I bought my OV I decided to buy a slightly more powerful battery, as I had gotten it used and was worried about the battery that came with it.
I bought one from Amazon, and it came with a free external charger. When my battery gets really low, I turn off the phone, pop out the battery, pop in a freshly charged one, and put the other battery into the charger. Turn the phone on, 100% charged. Takes a minute or so. Doens't matter if the phone will charge the battery or not. BTW, turns out the battery that came with it is better than the 1600mah battery I bought.
Turns out the charger will do most cell phone batteries, I have a Motorola Razr and charge that battery the same way.
Optimus V, not activated but working great.


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Yeah I bought two cheap batteries on eBay and they hold a charge for about half as long as the OEM battery that came with the phone. They're good in an emergency though.


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I like the external charger idea. Right now if I drain one battery and then pop in the other I have to wait till that ones fully charged(so I can use it as the backup), then power down and swap batteries so I can charge the nearly dead one.


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I have the problem intermittently. The external charger is the way to go.

I got the 2 batteries w/charger off Amazon (I think the brand was Anker) for around $21.oo and it works great. The batteries last as long, if not longer, than the original battery.

Replacing the battery with a new one will not solve this--you will just have two batteries that won't charge. I know this because that is what I tried first--ran out to Batteries Plus and got a Ray-o-vac. Now I have four batteries. The upside is that if they are all charged up I can go for a looong time between charging:rolleyes:

The good news is that the problem is not a permanent one--it resolves itself somehow.


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Constantly powering down the phone and tearing off the battery cover does not sound appealing to me at all, sorry. I also need my phone to stay on (so I
I had the same problem. My wall charger quit on me. Luckily I had purchased a backup battery a long time ago when I bought my phone. My car charger worked fine though (slower than wall charger). I've heard of car chargers dying (heck I'm on my 3rd now and have had the phone for 7 months) but not wall chargers. My previous phone (rumor 2) I had for 1 year and never had a problem with the wall charger. As soon as I figured out my wall charger was dead I ran out to get a new one. The new one works great now. I'm thinking it was a connectivity issue between the charger and the phone (the connective thing you plug into the phone). Just buy a new wall charger and you'll be fine.


There is a problem with this phone recognizing what it should do when it starts up with low battery.

How to fix this problem put it in the fridge for a little while then try to charge it again there should be enough charge to let the phone go though its boot properly then.

This worked for my friends phone


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Good tip! It doesn't seem like it should work, but it does. Refrigerating a battery will buy you some time. Another method is to boot the phone into recovery, and let it charge while in recovery.