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My Phonebook Backup - why is the Pulse not included?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dee_gee, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. dee_gee

    dee_gee Newbie
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    Has anyone managed to get T-mobile's own phonebook backup service working with their Pulse?

    I signed up for it today, received a bunch of settings by sms which said it had installed successfully on my phone, (not that I can see it anywhere). However, when I log into the website it says I still need to set up my phone for synchronisation. And the first thing to do is to select my phone from a drop-down list. However, guess what? T-mobile's own phone, the Pulse, is not even in the list! It lists Nokia, HTC, etc but no pulse.

    This is so frustrating, especially as I want to back up my contacts before upgrading my android os from 1.5 to 2.1. What's even more frustrating however is that there's another link on the site which says to download the phonebook application to my pc. So I did and it started to sync with my Outlook Express! What a joke, as I don't even use Outlook at all. What about the phone?!

    This is doing my head in and I really don't want to spend another hour trying to get someone in a call centre to understand where I'm at with this. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and can help please?

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  2. Had no luck with PCsuite or T-mobiles backup service, so I used the app MyPhoneExplorer to backup all the phones data onto my PC.

    Then I found that after the official 2.1 update, all the contacts, emails, apps etc were still on the phone. The phone was not wiped!!! I still think you should backup your phone before doing the update.
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  3. dee_gee

    dee_gee Newbie
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    Thanks, I haven't used the tmobile backup, (it's a bit crap, no wonder it's free!). I found out instead that you can download an app for sms backup to your gmail so I downloaded sms backup+ which is brilliant.

    If only I could get the rest of the phone to work just as well!

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