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My problems with the HTC Desire HD...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Bombbob, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Bombbob

    Bombbob Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey. When I first got my Desire HD, I was really impressed. I couldn't find anything wrong about the phone; but now problems are starting to creep in.

    - On average, about once a day, a dialogue comes up on the screen saying the SIM card can not be detected, and I need to restart my phone. The solution to fixing this is to just restart the phone - but it's very annoying. When I want to use my phone, I want to use it - not having to wait for it to restart. Anybody else have this problem? And do you think I should return the phone for this problem?

    - My phone, 50% of the time, doesn't respond when a text message is sent to me. It doesn't vibrate/call, and it doesn't show the text message at the bottom of the lock screen as it should. Also, there is so 'SMS' icon in the drag down menu bar. To check if I have a text, I have to open the messaging program, and then it seems to refresh it self, and shows me I have a text. I shouldn't have to get used to this though for a

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  2. PrideLeader

    PrideLeader Newbie

    The latter two points is the result of a poor update from HTC. Before the update ( which was released just before xmas) texting functions was fine. I've had my texts deleted twice and missed many texts due to the phone not letting moi know by ringing or flashing a light.

    I would suggest waiting patiently for an update from HTC. But then again, I have been checking every morning for an update for over a month now. Nothing. HTC have let their consumers down.

    Don't get moi wrong - the update did more good than bad. It fixed up a huge performance issue by sorting out the size and memory Calendar consumes, but texting is an absolute necessity and should have been fixed before now.
  3. Bombbob

    Bombbob Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Ah, I see. HTC seem to have a knack for not showing much care to their existing customers. I had the HTC Hero before this phone, and it took them around half a year to finally release an update. So, if the update is anything like the last one, I should be a long wait.

    Thanks for the info anyway :)
  4. redshark313

    redshark313 Newbie

    Yes, missing texts is frustrating. I installed handcent app and this overcomes thus issue. Hopefully, HTC will push out an good update soon.

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