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My review of the Nexus vs Rezound's Signal

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by pgrommesh, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. pgrommesh

    pgrommesh Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So to start this off I live in an area without cable or dsl and have used my OG droid with tether to get on the net for a year orso. With the release of the G-nex I was really hoping that I would be able get some some 4-g at my house as I live in Vzw's "extended 4g coverage area." According to their map their primary 4g coverage is about 2 miles north of me and their extended ends about 3 miles south of me, so im square in the middle of their extended.

    I bought the G-nex on release date and havnt had a great experience with the network, even in their primary network I dont connect to 4g very often and only connected once at my house, and well, I was standing on my roof at that time. They replaced my sim card on Thursday but I didnt notice any difference. My wife wanted a new phone so she likes the color red and was all too happy to get the rezound which gives me both phones I needed to test.

    All of these tests were done from outside my house in either by backyard or field. I found that if I rebooted either phone they both liked to connect to the 4g network, but the nexus was definately more finicky with staying connected than the rezound. My results are below.

    Nexus/Rezound kbps

    Download Upload Ping Time
    4632/6803 315/921 96/75 508
    3791/4843 493/1041 96/76 509
    2719/4678 451/1501 102/68 510
    3357/3952 366/1329 90/82 511
    3549/4874 329/2226 93/82 512
    140/7922 757/310 125/78 523
    165/5466 811/1190 129/79 528
    4600/5008 817/1961 74/84 529
    125/677 818/462 132/131 548
    260/609 830/777 137/122 548
    108/599 542/491 119/105 550
    164/1028 782/841 103/121 551
    141/1410 828/687 113/112 552
    526/1243 732/581 126/123 553
    310/686 838/845 120/119 554
    307/974 723/898 108/115 555
    301/1536 821/888 125/102 555
    249/1424 828/897 110/116 556
    305/705 659/776 114/126 559
    145/683 851/846 132/126 600
    257/690 681/790 129/122 600
    375/1096 755/393 119/124 601
    488/302 834/636 126/124 602
    307/180 839/769 132/129 602
    298/995 831/918 113/114 604

    So, out of my 25 Download tests the rezound won 23 times, for upload the rezound won 15 times, and for ping it won 17 times. For 3g and 4g download speeds the rezound clearly wins, for 4g upload it is clearly better, but for 3g upload it is basically a wash. I didnt really worry about how many bars or Dbm the phone reported because in the end I only care about how fast it is. If anyone has any questions or tests let me know. The rezound has all those antenna connections under the case, Im going to fart around and see if I can connect something to get a workable 4g signal :D .

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  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    not a perfect test, but certainly some interesting and helpful data there -- thanks for posting. Definitely let us know if you find a way to put a wire in for better signal :D
  3. pgrommesh

    pgrommesh Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well, Ive tried attaching things to both phones and havnt gotten any sure results, but as I went back to work today I did a few speedtests where I work, which is an old building and the signal really gets knocked down when you are inside of the building.

    The rezound held a signal for most of the day, I did see it on 3g once, but it was on 4g less than a minute later.

    The Nexus set at 3g with 0 bars most of the day, but I did a reboot and it picked up the 4g for enough time to run my tests, but after I went up and down the stairs it went back to 3g 0 bars.

    I ran 10 runs on the speedtest app with both phones next to each other at the same time.

    The nexus averaged 2689 kbps down and 715 kbps up

    The rezound averaged 3937 kbps down and 2229 kbps up.

    Thats 276% faster at uploading and 76% faster with downloading.
  4. schimm

    schimm Android Enthusiast

    Good info. I traded in my Nexus for the Rezound. I went straight to the big battery. All 2750 beautiful mah of it....needless to say juice drain is no longer a concern. Signal strength in poor signal areas is clearly better with the Rezound. I have 0% signal loss on cell standby compared to some really ugly numbers with the Nexus (almost 30% IIRC). I recorded my numbers with the Nexus in various locations and they are beat in most cases with the Rezound. I have never seen -120dBm which I did somewhat frequently with Nexus. BTW, one thing that I haven't seen discussed much, maybe 'cause it is of less importance, is the wireless performance. Signal strength to my home network is outstanding and I'm DLing as fast as any device I've owned. Up to almost 20,000 kbps. Hope you all get a quick fix for those still having signal issues.
  5. jeff0r3

    jeff0r3 Member

    I did the same thing today -the battery schimm... I have been so impressed with the volume, picture, camera and am absolutely loving the fact that the bootloader was unlocked and permanent root achieved today.. I'm going to wait a few days for the Devs to work out all the bugs before I attempt Rooting it... LOVING IT! (Missing ICS Though) 1st thing is to get rid of the bloatware...

    my .02
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  6. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead

    Interesting results. If I could make a suggestion. Try running the test again, but use 3 different servers for your tests. Making sure that both phones are on the same server. I found that while testing the Rezound, Razr and Nexus for speed that one of them would typically connect to a different server and that the server sometimes made a huge difference. During one test, having all three phones lined up, I noticed that the Razr and Rezound were getting speeds that were about 4 to 5 Mbps slower than the Nexus. I switched them all to the same server and the results were just about the same across the board.

    I'm very interested to see how this turns out.
  7. finn5975

    finn5975 Well-Known Member

    The results posted are very much on par with what I have seen. I work in a city with 4G coverage but travel approximately 60 miles with 3G coverage, some of which is sketchy at best. I notice that both phones perform very well for me in the 4G areas to which I have no concerns.

    Its the 3G coverage where that changes. I've ran the tests and honestly its been a mixed bag. Sometimes the Rezound pulls faster downloads, other times its the Nexus. However, regardless of the test results in the given areas, its watching video where I notice a true difference. The video will almost always load faster on the Rezound. To be honest, that doesnt bother me. Waiting an extra several seconds or more doesn't sour the experience for me. Its after the videos start....the Rezound tends to play smooth from beginning to end while the Nexus continually buffers. You can see on the Rezound where the video loads quickly beyond its current state, thus reducing any chance for buffering. On the Nexus, the video seems to load, then stop loading to where the live video catches up causing the buffering. I cannot tell if the Nexus is just downloading the video very slowly....or if it is downloading, disconnecting, downloading, disconnecting, etc.

    I assume that those who live in 4G areas do not experience this at all. I envy you. But I see it in not only the sketchy 3G areas....but in stronger 3G areas as well.
  8. jdavis37

    jdavis37 Newbie

    At home wehre the 4G signal is quite good my Nexus download/upload speeds are very good BUT vary a lot between tests so some caution has to be given for that (std deviations, etc).

    I think the issue I have seen with my Nexus is when traveling (only 1 trip thus far and perhaps it was a Verizon 4g issue). Had a Motorola Droid X Global in car with me and it never lost signal the entire trip ( 2 hr drive from Charlotte NC area to just south of Asheville). My nexus on other hand had trouble with signal the entire trip, often going gray and no signal whatsoever. Seemed like it was either 4G or nothing.

    Download speed wise my phone can be blazing fast when connected via 4G, and same for upload. DL am averaging about 25-29Kbps (max was 32kbps) and upload around 9K kbps (max was 14,700). I hope to repeat the same trip either this weekend or the one after to see if the network holds and if I can maintain signal. I have until January 15th but sounds like the rezound may be my next pick.

    I love the Gnex phone.. is the one I wanted and I have not been disappointed by the phone itself or ICS. The performance thus far has been anything but good but then Verizon's network hasn't played well either!

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