My Review of the Seidio Samsung Galaxy Desktop Charging Cradle


Hey all,

I've been looking for a good desktop charging cradle for my Galaxy Nexus so I thought I would take a look at Seidio's latest offering. Here is my review:


There was a bit of excitement in the Android Interwebs when Seidio announced their Desktop Charging Cradle for the Samsung Galaxy S series of devices. It is marketed as a cradle mainly for the Galaxy S3 but does work with most Samsung devices with the micro-USB port on the bottom. As a Galaxy Nexus owner, I was very excited to see this product announcement as most of the options for the GNex have been pretty lackluster, if not totally non-existent. Seidio has a good name in the accessory industry and I loved their Charging Dock for the OG Droid, so I decided to give their newest Desktop Charging Cradle a try.


The Cradle is billed as a charging dock but can also serve as a dock for sycing, using either the USB cable that came with your phone or the one that is included with the Cradle. I


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Very well written review. I would definitely be worried that this type of dock would strain the USB port on the phone and cause damage long term. Especially if I were to accidentally knock the phone off to the side.


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I would be very hesitant to use that dock. The micro USB port is a weak point on many phones and once it is broken, the phone is basically worthless. That dock clearly can strain the port as it is the only thing holding the phone.


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I missed this well written review when it was posted, so thanks to sic for posting and bumping so more could read it.

I don't think I would purchase this dock. There's not enough physical support for the phone to lean back, and it just looks like all the majority of the weight is dependent on the USB port. :mad:

My boyfriend and I purchased our G-Nexes from the Play store and he also bought the Desktop Dock with Pogo Pins (I didn't as it was too spendy for my tastes). Unfortunately, with his case on it doesn't fit on the dock so he wanted to return it. I decided to be a good samaritan and save the little dock from such a cruel tragedy, and I have given it a nice safe comfy home on my desk. :D

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I don't understand why no one has produced a dock that holds in landscape. (I haven't seen one for the vz gnex, anyway)
I would like the option to use it by the tv to mirror the screen, and since that forces the phone into landscape mode, I think it would make sense to use a LS dock.