Feb 12, 2013
My s3 status is bar transparent and i have no idea why. Is if a way to fix it? No idea how this happened...
I just keep the badboy hidden. Even in apps, im usin Xposed Framework to keep it hidden. If i wana see it, i just pull it out from the top of the screen. It wastes too much space and is distracting imo. Apps seem so much better in true fullscreen :)
After trying various wallpapers (live and static), I found that nothing really makes my phone look as sleek as just a simple black background. I just created it in MS Paint and moved it to my gallery. It really makes the icons pop better than any other wallpaper.

Anyway, I remember initially when I got my GS3, the status bar was black so it blended in well with the wallpaper. However, one of the updates changed it to a dark grey which I didn't like. After the 4.3 update, I thought the status bar was back to black. After reading your post, I tried different wallpapers and see that it is, in fact, transparent. I think it's cool that way. It makes it work well with whatever wallpaper you choose (but I'm going back to black). ;)