Feb 14, 2011
Hi .. I am trying to delete some of the contacts from my phone... the names are stored on my sim card. I went through the directions to delete but the name was still there lol ... HELP now please tell me what l havent done properly ... thank you!!
Hi and welcome! I'll move this to your phone's section for you! :)
You can hide the contact names from displaying if they won't delete on your phone. Maybe the batch delete isn't working, you could try deleting one at a time?
step 1:: hide your sim contacts
step 2:: take a backup of phones contacts to sd
step 3: download the batch contacts deleter from market and delete everything
step 4:: restore your contacts from the backup file, you are done :)
Hi im having trouble remembering my pattern password, im trying to remember it so that i can turn my phone off, cause i know once ive turned my phone off i wont be able to get back in. so how do i go about changing it if i cant remember it.................. please help thanks
wan to install samsung galaxy apollo gt 15800 drivers on my personal computer to enable my phone communicate with the computer